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Divyadesha Kainkaryam Srivaishnavadharshanam

From: Sampathkumar (
Date: Fri Jul 14 2000 - 21:57:19 PDT

Learned Srivaishnavas, I am extremly delighted to see so many positive responses  for  doing Divyadesha Kainkaryam.We have by the grace of Sriman Narayana  have visited almost all the Divyadeshams except very few.Way back in 1994  we had visited Navathirupathi in Thirunelvelli dist and recently we had the fortune of visiting it along with Velukkudi Krishnan Swami. What a transformation.Bhakthas who have seen it before renovation and after renovation only can see the  wonder.We are told all the renovation costing several crores  have been  spent by Sriman Venu Srinivasan of T,V.S. group.Eventhough I would not like to equate  him with the God , definetly the great Aalwars and Acharyas along with Lord Sriman Narayana have blessed Venu Srinivasan Swami to do this Kainkaryam.How many crorepathys  have the will and desire  to do this kind of noble kainkaryam.A number of them find it convenient to drop a percentage into the hundis.Most of the temples in the Navathirupathi were in dil!
apetated condtion,cant be reached, no thiruvilakku etc. Today you see  a well  planned  and  Beautiful temples  as new as it was constructed  in the beginning.Every aspect of the temple have been minutely examined  and work carried out  in a professional way the hall mark of T.V.S. group.The story does not end here.Sorry the facts do not end here, Sriman Venu has also  agreed to  take care of the daily  expenses  thro year after year.Proper Bhattacharyas .Madapalli Kainkarya person and Adhyaphakas have all been retained by them and all their needs have been taken care of.One other aspect  which  impressed us was the strict discipline enforced  for the conduct of the  rituals.The biggest and brightess stone of his Kreetam  is  his  philosophy  of continuing with  the  Sampradayam  of the  temples   and when he can spend crores and crores of rupees a spark can appear in his mind regarding the sampradayams.Such a great person he is , he ensured  even a small  pillar  retained the!
 original  markings of the sampradaya.Today I could see people like Sriman Venu  have cast a solid  foundation  and  a strong bridge  for  connecting the Sampradayas  respecting each others  Values.Let this clan increase manifold.
The pupose of writing this is,my dear Bhagthas,it would not be suffice to donate.A great job has to be done for the renovation and for proper maintenance thereafter.One in respect of the temple buliding part and other important aspect is with regard to conduct of the rituals.It has to be a  ongoing process  and not one time  donation or excercise.
May I again plead with you all  for the formation of committes in each location of the temple  for ensuring the rituals are conducted  without any dilution or  from interference from any quarters.To day the Govt by taking over the adminstration has  interfered  fully and wholly  on the conduct of the rituals and all of us are remaining as silent spectators.A good news from Srirangam. SriVaishnava Sri Krishnamachari Swami of Srirangam has  called  upon all the bhagavathas  to  join in the  committe  to protect  the Sampradaya   of Srirangam Temple.
Let me give you the latest on the progress  on action plan for SrivaishnavaDharshanam. In about 15 days time there will be  brain storming session  by a group of 50  followed by a seminar  by the end of Aug were we expect  about 1000 to participate.
Jaya Sriman Narayana
Sri Mudaliyandan swami shisya  Sampaths.

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