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doubt on prapatti

From: Dhanusha N V (
Date: Fri Jul 14 2000 - 02:50:36 PDT

               om namo narayanaya

dear bakthi list members
          i have been enlightened to a great extent
about prapatti from ur discussions.well i too have a
few doubts.
1)  during prapatti we completely surrender to the
lord.we should have maha can a person
after performing prapatti go behind
astrology,numerology,vaastu etc:?if he believes in
them it obviously means that he is not having the
absolute faith in shreeman narayana.

2)  there is no age limit to perform prapatti.i have
read that maha visvasa is the mian aspect in
prapatti.after performing prapatti how far should
brahmacharya be adhered to since a man is very much
influenced by the society around him.

kindly clarify my doubts


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