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Re: lunar eclipse: details needed

From: T.R. Govindarajan (
Date: Fri Jul 14 2000 - 10:39:45 PDT

Dear Sriman Chandrasekaran:

The Lunar eclipse is not visible in the US.
This is the URL to learn more about eclipses occurring in year 2000.

1. There is a total lunar eclipse occurring on July 16, 2000 but visible in
India, not visible in North Eastern part of US (NY, NJ, MA).
"It is indeed unfortunate that total phase occurs after moonset for most of the
Americas. Only western Alaska will see totality. Hawaii, Australia, New
Zealand, the Philippines and Japan will witness all of the partial phases and
totality, while the eclipse is already in progress at moonrise from parts of
eastern Asia. The Moon's path through Earth's shadows as well as a map showing
worldwide visibility of the event is shown in Figure 4.

2. There is a partial solar eclipse occurring on July 31, 2000 visible
in North Western US (states CA, WA, OR, AK, ID).
"The partial eclipse will be visible from northern
Scandinavia, eastern Russia, Alaska, western Canada and the northwestern United

3. There is a partial solar eclipse occurring on Dec 25, 2000. This is visible
in the North America. 

You may view the area from picture. (Globe)  (US)



Chandrasekaran Venkatraman wrote:
> Dear Bhagawathas,
>    Kindly post the details about the upcoming chandra grahaNam
> on this Sunday. Does this happen in US skies ?

Your old buddies are not out of range anymore. Free search with's Personnel Locator.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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