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Re: support to divya dEsams

From: T.R. Govindarajan (
Date: Fri Jul 14 2000 - 07:29:42 PDT

SrimathE GopAla DEsika mahAdEsikAya nama:

Sriman Varadhan:

It is very nice of you to come up with a proposal to support our divya dEsams.
adiyEn would like to share some of schemes already followed in some of the
temples in
South India that adiyEn knows of.

In Sri Lakshminarasimhan temple in PonviLaintha kaLathur (near OtthivAkkam),
there is a nithya ArAdhanai scheme where each AsthikA sets aside a fixed amount
as suggested by the temple (committee). The devotee picks the day for the
The earned interest is utilized to sponsor the nitya ArAdhanai for that day. The
may be of importance to the devotee, the day may be a birthday, wedding
anniversary or
someone's ninaivu day (in memory of). There is also sponsorship for the entire
mAsam pujAs. You could extend this to nitya viLakku kaimkaryam. adiyEn is one of
the many many participants in the temple.

Once the deposit is made, the kaimkaryam can go on.

There are other temples that are following similar schemes.

vacaka dosha: kshantavya:


govindarajan wrote:
> srImathE saTakOpAya namaha
> srImathE rAmAnujAya namaha
> srImathE anantArya mahA guravE namaha
> srIman vara vara munayE namaha
> dear bhAgavathAs,
> In the past few years, we have seen a lot of discussions on the list
> regarding support for srIvaishNavA causes. There obviously are a lot
> of causes that need support and a lot of ways to support that cause.
> Some are (i) lack of people to perform kainkaryam to perumaL in the
> temple, solution being supporting the local people financially to stay
> there without migrating to the cities (ii) lack of books and/or
> financial support for scholars, the solution being financial assistance

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