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Upadhana Karanam

From: anitha seshadri (
Date: Fri Jul 14 2000 - 06:34:04 PDT

Dear Swami,

Really sorry to say this, adiyen's Mandha Buddhi got
further more confused.
Adiyen will lineup the doubts

1. Is Roopam different from Sareeram you had put that
(" Brahman has two forms Roopams, Sareerams. ) what is
the difference between them.

2.Does the Brahman possess two Roopam one Divyamangala
Subhasraya Roopam  and the other Roopam which you had
mentioned as Universe.So is he two different(very much
confused) or is it something  like the the
archa,vibhava forms.

Adiyen is so much confused that I even don't know how
to explain what is the doubt i have clearly.Kindly put
me more about this topic. 

Sorry to disturb you once again and Thank you.



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