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Tridandi Ramanuja Jeeyar and the Younger Generation

From: Sheela Belur (
Date: Thu Jul 13 2000 - 13:10:05 PDT

I am writing this to echo the views expressed by Smt.Indira Prativadi
when she said "just His presence here had profound devine effect on
all those who came in contact with Him during the function". My six
and a half year old daughter, on all the days He was here, was eager
to join me even while I went for the early morning Tiruppavai
sevakalam . Not only that she listened and understood some parts of
His discourses, to whatever extent her little mind could, she even
keeps quoting them from memory. She was so very disappointed when she
heard that He was going back to India. Just yesterday, all of a
sudden, she aked "when is he coming back, I miss him so much". I am
very certain many of you, where Tridandi Jeeyar visited, will have
similar stories to tell.

If His  presence (and discourses) for such a short duration had such
a profound effect on our younger generation, its time for us to give
serious thought to inviting, hosting and listenting to more and more
such learned and eminent people from India. 

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