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Re: saranAgati

From: lakshminarayan krishnaswamy (
Date: Thu Jul 13 2000 - 16:53:21 PDT

Dear Sriman Mani Varadarajan,

Your clarifications to Mahesh's query are quite illuminating. I have certain 
specific queries and would appreiciate your feedback to the same:
1) Is a prapatti as performed by me ( due to what was felt by me to be  a 
divine dictum) a valid one? In fact I have also not gone through the 
mandatory "Kalakshepam" for a specified period at the acharyan's thiruvadi.
2) While I am in total agreement with  your statement:
"I am the abode of all sins, utterly helpless and without   any other 
recourse. O Lord! You alone must be my means!", your subsequent 
statement,viz: "resolution to conform to His will and not do anything 
contrary to His will", is not quite clear to me. Does this presuppose that 
we know what the Lord's will is? Would it not be better to state:
"Accept whatever happens as His will" and "Lead a life as detailed (or 
atleast as close to)in the vedas. For instance I have realised that even to 
follow such ordinary things as "Satyam Vada", "Love every one","Set aside 
your ego" or 'do not eat onion" is one hell of a difficulty.
3) Further in the above instance what would be role of an "Individual's 
4) I am of the opinion that "Saranagati" as a principle is a very simple 
one. But when it comes to practice, considering our inadequacies it is quite 
difficult. For instance in the write up to this point how many "I"s have I 
5) I understand that the Azhwars related to the Lord in various ways- 
Nayaka-Nayaki,Dasa-Dasi,Mother & Child, Friend etc. Is there an instance in 
our Siddhanta where we consider the Lord as our mother? Infact I am tempted 
to look upon Him as "my concerned mother", always willing to overlook my 
inadequacies, but come to my rescue when I am in difficulty. Infact the 
opening stanza of Godha Stuti (to me)appears  to be a definition of the Lord 


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