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Re: [saranAgati ]

From: Vijayalakshmi Hari (
Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 08:21:27 PDT

Dear Shree K Mahesh,

"Prapatthi" means "Total Surrender". It is one of the "Saadyopaayams"
(means)to attain "Moksha" while the other one is "Bhakthi". Thus Bhakthi and
Prapatthi are the two different paths to reach the same goal - namely the
lotus feet of Shreeman Naaraayanan. As the methods or the procedure prescribed
in the Saastras to practice Bhakthi is too tough and is highly impossible to
be adopted in the present life style, Prapatthi is preferred to Bhakthi.
"Prapatthi" has to be done only once "Sakruth Eva" whereas, in 
Bhakthi, one needs to contemplate upon Shreeman Narayanan (as per the 
upanishad vidyaas) again and again - "Aavruthi: Asakruth Upadesaath - 
Brahma Sutra" - continuously without any break like flow of oil. In 
Bhakthi, one needs to have "Anthima Smruthi" - remembering the Lord even 
during his last breath whereas in Prapatthi it is not needed at all. 
Prapatthi or SaraNAgathi has the following aspects as its five "Angaas"
1. AanukUlya Sankalpam
2. PraathiKUya Varjanam
3. Maha Visvaasam
4. Kaarpanyam
5. GoptrutvavaraNam
As Shree Mani Varadarajan has clearly explained the above aspects in a very
detailed manner, I would like to explain some more about Prapatthi as
Different Forms of Prapatthi:
Saddvaaraka Prapatthi: Doing Prapatthi for the sake of getting Bhakthi.
Advaaraka Prapatthi:Doing Prapatthi considering it as a direct means to get
Moksha only - That is to attain the lotus feet of Shreeman Narayana and do
eternal service at Shree Vaikuntam. It is futher classified as "Aartha
Prapatthi" and "Drupta Prapatthi". 
A. Aartha Prapatthi: A person does Prapatthi for the sake of Moksha after
becoming irresistible and impatient in the Samsara in such a way that he
pleads to the Lord to immediately grant moksha.
B. Drupta Prapatthi: A person having done Prapatthi for the sake of Moksha,
has placed all his burdens at the Lord's feet and waits patiently till his
karma is completely written-off and then reaches the Lord after his
"Dehaavasaanam" and serve him eternally.
Based on how Prapatthi is done practically, it is classified as follows:
1. Swanishta Prapatthi: A person after attaining proper Tatva-Jgnyaanam and
who wishes Moksha, knows fully about the means to attain it, namely Prapatthi
(and Bhakthi being impossible now) and he himself surrenders - does Prapatthi
in the lotus feet of the Lord Shreeman Narayanan.
2.  Ukthinishta Prapatthi: One who gets to know about Prapatthi as a means to
Moksha surrenders his Aacharya and through his upadesams he does Prapatthi.
3. Aacharyanishta Prapatthi: One who wishes Moksha surrenders his Aacharya and
the Aacharya does Prapatthi: for the sake of the person.
4. Bhaagavatanishta Prapatthi: As above, he surrenders to a well-qualified
Shree Vaishnava - Bhaagavata and does the Prapatthi: through him.
      Having discussed about the Prapatthi:, I would like to conclude by
saying that Prapatthi: can be considered evern more superior to Bhakthi
because in Prapatthi:, one has to have "Maha Visvaasam" - which is total
unshakable great faith that the Lord Shreeman Narayanan will protect him and
grant moksha - which is a very difficult thought to cultivate.

Thanks &  Regards
In the service of Bhagavat Ramanuja's Shree Paadam,
Vijayalakshmi Hari
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SRI KrishnAya namah:

Dear BhAgavatAs, 


I always got my questions answered in this forum and benefited immensely. I
thank you all for the effort all of you are putting for encouraging beginers
like me. 

This time I would like to put another question, which will help me in
improving my understanding of srI vaisnavism and Its practices.

My Question (s) :

1. Can any body explain me the meaning of 

Anukulasya sankalpa pratikUlsya varjanam
raksisyati iti visvAso goprtve varanam tathA
Atmaniksepa kArpanye Sadvidha saranAgati

	( I know the meaning only approximately ) 

2. Can any body provide me with at least 3 Practical practice points for
each of the above 6 parts of saranAgati. So that I can put them into
practice. I don't want to guess them.  I thought it will be good idea to
take suggestions from senior vaisnavAs.
	I request also to tell me the only the basic practices first under
these 6 directions, so that I can straight away apply them in my life.


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