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From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 04:36:59 PDT

Srimathe Gopaladesika Mahadesikaya Namah:

Our poorvacharyas have mentioned that Sri Bhashyakarar established the
sampradayam, with his greatest unambiguous interpretation /commentaries on 
Vedas and Vyasa's Brahma soothra. How could he alone get that most accurate 
interpretation, while Sri Sankaracharya and others could not. Because- he 
was blessed with the Dravida (Tamil) Vedam- Naalyaayira Divya 
Prabhandham."idhu koNdu, Soothra vaakhyatthai orunga vittanar"- says Sri 
Azhagiya Manavala PerumAL Nayanar in Acharya Hrudhayam.. "idhu koNdu"- With 
the help of this Great Naalaayiram.. Sri Ramanuja, could firmly establish 
the SarIra SarIri Bhavam..

What is the cause behind our AchAryA's achievement? No doubt it is Sriya: 
Pathi Sriman Narayanan's grace. But.. the entire credit actually goes to our 
most merciful, "vaLLal' Sri Nathamuni.. It is Emperumaan's upakaram that He 
has bestowed His grace on us by giving Sri Nathamuni to uplift us.

When Nathamuni was at local temple, he heard few Bhagawathas reciting a ten 
from Nammalwar's Tiruvoimozhi praising Lord ArAamudhan- (the insatiable 
nectar) He heard "aaraa amudhE.. (On Insatiable nectar!) adiyEn aavi agamE 
thitthippay .. en naan seyghEn? yaarE kaLaikaN? ennai en seyginRRay? ninnaal 
allaal yaavaraalum onRum kuRai vENdEn (I don't seek anyone else to 
alleviate/solve my grievance); unakku aatpattum adiyEn innum uazhalvEnO? 
(Even after being enslaved by you, should I still be suffering?); thaniyEn 
dhariyEn un saraNam thandhu en jenmam
kaLaiyaayE..(Please grant me the abode of your Feet and make me get rid of 
my births..- I can not last this suffering anymore; I am all alone 
suffering..)   etc.. .. .. This ten concluded with " those who recited these 
ten which formed part of my 1000 "would become the darling of the Gods." 
Nathamuni was so impressed with the poetic beauty of the ten and was so 
mesmerised by the bhakti laden, emotinal ten and asked them whether they 
knew the full text of Tiruvaaymozhi or anyone else who could help. They 
directed him to one Parankusa daasa in Kurugur who was a
disciple of Madhurakavi.

Nathamuni made straight to Kurugur but Parankusa daasa also could not help. 
But, he suggested that if Natha muni could recite the kaNNinun chiRutthaambu 
of MadhurakaviAzhwAr 12,000 times in front of the famous tamarind tree in 
Adhinatha temple, he might get the original pAsurams. This, Natha muni did 
with utmost devotion. He had a vision of Nammalwar himself (who had appeared 
more than 4000 years before Nathamuni..) who personally taught him not only 
his own compositions but also those of all the other Alwars, enabling us to 
get the insatiable nectar (aaraa amudhu) -all pAsurams of all AzhwArs.

Today is Sri Nathamuni's Thirunaksathram. For this vaLLal, let us pay our
sincere obeisance to him, remembering Thooppul PiLLai Swamy Desikan's
Adhikarasangraham lines on Nathamuni..

............taaLam vazhangith thamizh maRai innisai thandha vaLLaL...
mooLum thava neRi moottiya Nathamuni kazhalE..
naaLum thozhudhu yezhuvOm-namakku yaar nigar innaanilatthE?..

What a grand and truthful statement from Swamy Desikan! (the benevolent one 
who gave the Tamil Vedas set to taaLam (music). Let us sEvicchufy (offer our 
saashtanga praNAmams at) his feet again and again everyday.. Who can be 
equal to us on this earth? (None- as we only are blessed with such "vaLLal" 

For Srivaishnavam to exist globally today, it is only due to our most 
merciful, the greatest Nathamuni- (Pithaamahar of Sri Yamunacharya) who gave 
us from nowehere, the entire 4000 and established the Srivaishnavam.

(Please forgive me for my free translations)
Nathamuni ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam
Narayana Narayana
adiyEn NarayanadAsan Madhavakkannan
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