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kannan ninaivu

From: M.G.Vasudevan (
Date: Mon Jul 10 2000 - 22:52:36 PDT

Dear Srivaishnava perunthagaiyeer,

Srimaan MadhavakkaNNan has given a brief on kuttik kaNNan. Here is my
thoughts on same kuttik kaNNan. May be this not directly linked to
periyaazhvaar but it is on his favourite kuttik kaNNan. 

In my previous write up on kuzhal isai, we saw kannan "kuzhal aagi en
eNNaththOdu kalanthaan" a krithi of ooththukkadu venkata subbu iyer. The
last line in the pallavi of that song is "maRRa ninaivellaam engEyO Odip
pOguthE". When all other thoughts are removed, except kaNNan's, then that
position for the bhaktha is "eNNam ellaam kaNNanE". 

I feel this position is in the same lines of "uNNum sOru thinnum veRRilai
ellaam kaNNanE' of nammazhvaar. Now see that krishna bhaktha's assertion
further in another krithi. This krithi is in the raaga "vasantha". This
krithi starts with "Ivan thaanE ivan thaanE vidaathE vittaal eththanai
kaalaam aamo theriyaathE" about kaNNan his ishta devathai.

He tells to sishyas or souls like us- "I am telling you, a realised soul,
believe me, I will lead you, I am giving you the direction, go behind that
kaNNan, don't leave him, catch him, perhaps if you leave him now, then you
may not succeed because we do not know when will be the next opportunity to
catch him -[in the mind?]".

Ninainthaal pagal ellaam iravaaga maarum
Nenjam vanthaal kathir mathiyam onRaagach chErum
Munainthaal malai kooda kudai enru aagum, chinna 
Muththu aLavu veNNai kooda aNda mugadu enRu aagum

Meaning: if you are thinking kaNNan without any other thought in your mind,
the daytime will become night time. If you desire so, the sun and moon will
appear together at the same place. If you try the big mountain will also
become a small umbrella. A small quantity of butter, of the size of a pearl,
will also become the edge (mugadu) or boundary for this earth (aNdam).

Comment: In the Gita the Lord Krishna says "for that yogi who has the mind
fixed on me, the daytimes will become nights and nights will be the
daytimes. Same is reflected here.

"In case, hey, you have any doubt in what I say"- he sings further
Aara amarnthu eNNa avakaasam Ethu
Aagaiyinaal ezhunthu avan pinne Odu
Theera villaiyaanaal idhaith theLinthu nee paadu avan 
Thirumbavillaiyaanaal en pErai maaththip pOdu

Meaning: "there is no time to sit calmly and think, so please get up from
your slumber and follow or rush behind that kannan, who is going there in
front of you. By then also if your doubt is not cleared, hey, I am telling
you, believe my words, sing his praise, he will come to your rescue. If he
does not return, then I am assuring you, you can call me my names".

Oh what a beauty! What an amount of maha visvaasam! Also such a high talk
about the capability of that wholesome thoughts on kaNNan and power of those

May be my comments or the meaning given do not do full justice by being
cogent, but dwell on the lines and the impact it creates to jeevathmas like

Dasan Vasudevan M.G.

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