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Sri Saranathan Bhattar offers Priest Services

From: Mohan Sagar (
Date: Mon Jul 10 2000 - 21:11:02 PDT

Dear bhAgavathas:

Those of you living in the US probably already know of Sri
Saranathan Bhattar, the noted priest who has served the Lotus
Feet of Srinivasan at Pittsburgh for several years.  To meet the
ever increasing needs of devotees in the US, Sri Saranathan has
recently consented to offer his services as an independent priest
throughout the country.

Sri Saranathan is a highly skilled priest and devout
SriVaishnava, having completed his training at the reputable Veda
College in Madhurantakam.  He has also served under the auspices
of HH Srirangam Srimad Andavan.  Sri Saranathan is expert in both
sanskrit and tamizh vEda, as well as pAncharAtra Agama.  He is
fluent in Tamizh, Kannada, Telugu, and Hindi, and is conversant
in English, as well.

Sri Saranathan can officiate over poojas and samskArams, such as
Sri LakshmiNarayana Pooja, nAmakaranam, upanayanam, Vivaham,
seemantham, GrihapravEsham, etc., as well as serve in utsavams,
yAgams, and other temple activities.  He is also offering to
teach classes in nAlayira divya prabhandam, in person or by

Sri Saranathan can be reached by phone at 412.531.6481 or e-mail:

Ramanuja Dasan

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