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Namo Narayana
Date: Mon Jul 10 2000 - 01:10:57 PDT


Dearest Bhagawathas,

NamO Narayana..

Kutti KaNNan - about two years old- stout, chubby, dark ThirumEni (Body) with
cute, charming, large eyes- red coral mouth, the peacock feather on His Head-
Almost the entire ThirumEni is smeared first with veNNai (butter) and thayir
(curd) that he had stolen and eaten- the remnants of which were smeared on His
body by Himself in order to make sure that none mistakes Him for a "good" Boy-
He is born to be called "kaLLan"- veNNai Thirudan" (butter thief). On top of
that "pisukku" (grease), the dirt has stuck due to His play outside on the
sands. How great He would have looked!

KaaNa peridhum uagappan- aagilum kaNdaar pazhippar- (It would be feast to the
eyes; But people will talk about your dirt- says PeriyAzhwAr (in the role of
Yashodha- calling Him lovingly for bathing Him. He does not come and attend to
her call. Yashodha finally says.. "Nappinnai KaaNil sirikkum"- (If Nappinnai
sees she will laugh at you..) That does the trick- Here He is, running towards
her and hugs her with all that dirt and butter.. Thollai inbatthin iRudhi Deiva
nangai YasoDhai PeRRaaL.

PeriAzhwAr also enjoys the scene - when Yashodha churns, Kutti KaNNan (whose
target is to get some portion for eating the butter), comes from behind and hugs
her neck, (who is sitting on the ground and churning) with His little lovely
limbs and smooches His chubby cheeks to her cheeks.
What a Bhagyam! AzhwAr says "Kuttan vandhu yennai puRam puluguvaan; Govindhan
ennai puRam pulguvaan".

Another great one: The elder brother Balaraman, a fair complexioned boy, runs
and the Kutti chubby, charming, dark KaNNan walks with heavy steps, unable to
keep pace with the elder brother. veLLimalaikkuttan runs in the front and
karumalaikkuttan follows behind.

In another place, AzhwAr cautions beautifully to Indran (who had angered on
Kutti KaNNan and caused heavy downpour on Aaayar paadi during which Govardhana
mountain was lifted effortlessly by KaNNan to protect the cattle and cowherd
folks), "Don't think that He is small (siRumai); what is the meaning of "small"-
Go and ask Mahabhali. (Great reference to Vaamanavataar).

AzhwAr describes Krishna chEshithams in an extremely lively fashion. Swamy
Desikan very fondly composes His butter stealing in Gopala vimsathy in "Hartthu
kumbhE.." (slOkam 5).

Let us pay our obeisance to PeriyAzhwAr on his Thirunakshathram today. Let us
utter "NamO Narayana"- and make it reverberate throughout the world.. "Naadum
nagaramum nangaRiya namO naaraayaNaa enRu paadum manamudaip pattharuLLeer!
vandhu pallaaNdu kooRuminE.."

PeriyAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam


NamO Narayana

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