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Re: ghanda berunda

From: Mohan Sagar (
Date: Sun Jul 09 2000 - 11:32:07 PDT

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> >Subject: ghanda berunda
> >Date: Wed, 05 Jul 2000 19:19:06 GMT
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> >                   aum vishnave namah
> >    i am reading about yadagiri kshetra. where i came to read
the avatara
> >of ghandaberunda. i have never heard of any such form. can you
> >explain where and when the avatara appears. also kindly please
explain how
> >this great avatara looks like.
> >            thanking you,
> >
> >                                                   aravind
> >

Dear Sri Aravind Srinivasa,

Sri Venkatesh Elayavalli has forwarded your question to me.
Although I have visited Yadagirigutta several times, I have only
performed sEva to this unique rUpam of Sri LakshmiNarsimhan once,
as the sannidhi of Sri GhandabErunda is located in a somewhat
inconspicuous location, a crevice just adjacent to and underneath
the Anjaneya Sannidhi.  If I recall correctly, GhandabErunda has
the head of lion like our SingapirAn, but has the body of a snake
and the wings of a bird.   Scholars in ThirunArAyanpuram
(Melkote) are working with some European scholars to study the
origins of the mysterious rUpam of the Lord, and have found
images of Him all over the world, even as far west as North
America, where He is referred to by Native American Tribes as
Pheonix, the winged god of fire.

To get a more detailed answer, though, I am forwarding your
question to members of the Bhakti List and to HH Sri Tridandi
Jeear Swamy's Question and Answer forum, JetUSA.  I am looking
forward to learning much on this topic.

Ramanuja Dasan,

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