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Re: Response to Funding of various of Srivaishnava Causes

From: lakshminarayan krishnaswamy (
Date: Sat Jul 08 2000 - 23:36:00 PDT

Dear Bhakthas,

I am indeed grateful to Sri.Malolan Cadambi & Sri.Srinath Chakravarthy for 
chosing to react to the above topic. It is only and only if we put our heads 
together, agree on a modality for raising finance, identify projects on a 
reasonable and rational basis, that we will be able to achieve some results.

As regards regular contributions, we definitely need to work out some basis 
for this. Further we also need to widen the donor base. Considering that 
there are already so many samithis and matams, this could be a difficult 
task. Well there is only one consolation: if there is a will, there is a 

As regards governmental intervention in Hindu religious matters, may be we 
can talk to religious heads, governmental depts:, and look at PIL if 

But for all this to happen we need to arise,awake,consolidate and march 
on.If today we find all the srivaishanava institutions in some form or other 
of degneration, we will have none but us to blame.


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