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Re: Response to Funding of various of Srivaishnava Causes

From: Malolan Cadambi (
Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 12:32:03 PDT

                       Srimathe Malola NarasimhAya Namaha

Dear Bhaktas,

As Sriman Lakshmi Narayanan Krishnaswamy said that there is a "shortage" of
finances towards the Sri Vaishnava cause, this fact is clearly true. The temples
which are one of the main sources of "income" towards all Mathams, are today
mostly under the control of State Governments.

For Example, the Karnataka State Goverment has a department called the " Muzzrai
Department" which virtually controls all the temples in Karnataka. Nonetheless,
there are local trusts set up by the bhaktas at each temple, but the powers of
these trusts are nothing compared to the goverment.

All forms of  "income" to these temples are taken away by the goverment through
the " Muzzrai Department"  and they restrict any "developmentary" work in these

At the Venugopala Krishnaswmy Temple,Malleswaram,Bangalore, The government has
posted an " Executive Officer" to oversee all the activities of the temple. As
such funds for the sake of development are largely curtailed by the government.
At present a " Pravachana Mandiram" is beign built for the sake of propagating
Ubhaya Vedantha. This project took 3 years to get clerance from the government.
Labourers work for hardly 4 - 5 hours a day or sometimees do not work at all.The
funds are stuck up with the goverment.

Even Donations towards this project have to pass through the government and
never reach to their ultimate cause. So far no action has been taken against
this apathy of the government.

This is not the only temple in Bangalore, but as a matter of fact almost all
temples in Karnataka are suffering the same fate.

We here in Bangalore do not know how to go about removing this impediment--The
Corrupt Government. This is the bear fact. As long as the government is meddling
with the affairs of a holy place, there will be less or no development in these
holy places.

>>Further, tapping of charity regularly could dry this source immediately and
>>create some form of  "fatigue" in the minds of the donors

Let us try to form a Samithi which will be responsible for handling all the
finances. We could contiubuted on a regular basis to this samithi, which will
cater towards the need for all kainkaryams undertaken in the future. Instead of
us contributing towards kainkaryams individually, we could contribute on a
regular basis to the Samithi will consequently, proportionally distribute
finances towards kainkaryams.

adiyEn sri malola narasimha dasan,

Malolan Cadambi,

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