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Re: Response to Funding of various of Srivaishnava Causes

From: lakshminarayan krishnaswamy (
Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 11:09:49 PDT

Pranamams to all Bhakthas

The feedback to the above posting was on expected lines – viz: no feedback.

Funding to SriVaishanva causes today is dependant mainly on charity. Even 
this charity follows an unexplainable but mercurial pattern. My idea in 
raising this subject in this august sadhas is to confirm if what is being 
done currently is good enough and adequate for the cause. I have no other 

I have in this sadhas (in the last one month plus) come across requests for 
financial help for the following causes:
1)	For the printing of the books of Uttamur Swami.
2)	For Thoopul trust.
3)	For Ubhaya Vedanta Trust.
4)	For renovation of Yathokthakari temple.
5)	For printing of Sribhashayam & Tiruppavai books. Etc.
I do not know if I have been able to recollect all the causes. But the basic 
question is how many of them have really benefited from these appeals. Have 
the donations been in adequate measures and are the bhakthas happy with what 
is happening. Infact I did happen to listen to none other than HH Jeer of 
Ahobilam say:quote: “ People accuse me of  being avaricious. People hardly 
realize how difficult it is to run this organization. I have spent many 
sleepless nights.”unquote.

It is my personal conviction that for causes such as ours, Charity should 
only be complimentary, basically because of it’s unpredictable nature. 
Further, tapping of charity regularly could dry this source immediately and 
create some form of  "fatigue" in the minds of the donors. The potential 
base of donors all of us are talking to is also very small.  We have to 
develop a larger database of Srivaishnavas who may be willing to subscribe 
to the cause. This basically would entail a huge communication effort. To 
illustrate, if there are 5000 srivaishnavas and if each one of them could 
donate Rs.100/- p.m, we could be talking about a cash generation of Rs.5/- 
lacs p.m. The amounts so gathered could be used partly for further asset 
creation and partly for financing the cause. I further feel that we should 
get into the business of making money for the cause, as a primary objective. 
By lessening dependence on charity, cash flow projections can be steadied to 
a great extent.  We may also have to scout for projects and start financing 

If adiyen’s ramblings are found inappropriate, the same may be excused.


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