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about me...

From: Aravinda K. (
Date: Thu Jul 06 2000 - 01:00:52 PDT

i was named aravinda after the consort of sri
ramApramEya of malur near chennapatna,karnataka. i was
lucky enouch to be inducted to the realm of bhakthi by
my parents in early childhood. my mother taught me all
the 30 verses of thiruppAvai set to tune by herself,
before i was seven. later i could learn the basics of
sanskrit and tamil which helped me enjoy both the
content and form of some of the slokas i
learnt.bhakthi-list was referred to me by some of my
friends who are in US and are members themselves. i
work in a CSIR institution at bangalore. i am 57 years
old with my responsibilities completed. i hail from
thirumazhisai also called maheesAra kshethra. thank
you for including me in the group.

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