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Re: [request and a small doubt]

From: M.S.HARI (Madabhushi Sarangarajan Hari) (
Date: Wed Jul 05 2000 - 20:55:04 PDT

Dear Shree Mahesh,

The answers for your questions are in Bhagavat Gita. Four types of
people approach Lord Vishnu. They are Aarthi (he who wants Iswaryam-
material desires), Aarthaarthi (he who wants more Iswaryam and wants
to replinish it again and again), Gignyaasu (he who is curious to
enjoy himself (self)) and iGnyaani (he who wants to enjoy the Lord
Kannan only with understanding that "Vaasudevas Sarvam". The Lord
fulfills the wishes of all these types of people. Though he says that
the iGnyaani is the one who HE himself likes the most, he fulfills
the wishes of the other three types of people also and step by step
makes them also to become iGnyaani and finally make them to reach 
his Lotus Feet. The similar idea is to be conceived in the classification
of people like Ekaanthi, Paramaykaanthis. 

You have to note that the Lord surely hears the prayers of all people
and he is impartial. Do not think that he hears the prayers of people of the
class Aacharyas only. Everyone can see clearly without any doubt
that he answers all the prayers. When you pray for something and he
does not grant it, then do not please think that He has not heard your
prayer! He always hears it. If he is not granting your wish then it 
means that he has heard your prayer but not granting your wish just 
because what you asked him is not good for you to be given now or
it is not to be given to you. He has said "Yoga-kshemam vahamyaham"
so do not have the doubt that he is not hearing your prayers. He will
do everything that you need and that which is ONLY good for you.

I will send the Kanchi Varadarajan picture to you in a personal mail.

Thanks & Regards
M.S.HARI Ramanuja Daasan.

Please accept my namaskArams.

I have a small request, before i ask my doubt.
Can anyone send me scanned image (thru e-mail) either painting or a
photgraph of Lord SrI VaradaraAja perumAL of kAnchIpuram.

Coming to my doubt.
Lord Varada is famous for giving benedictions / boons. RAmanuja asks
kurEsa to pray to Lord Varada to get back his eyes. Like this there are
other instances where He gave benedictions to His devotees.

My question is what if a person approaches Lord, who is not yet a
I have some material desires, If i approach the Lord to get these things
fulfilled, will he give me ?
Or depending on my level of faith he will give / not give ?

If I approach Lord for spiritual benifits, as the case of devotees like
for reaching vaikuntham, increasing their faith on AchAryAs etc.

Will these two kinds of prayers to Lord will be considered same and will
be fulfilled by Lord.
Ofcourse, i understand that it is not a must / rule / imposition on Lord
to fulfill prayers. He may do it at His devine will.

In summary, my question is as follows
 "I have these material desies in my heart. Please fulfill these or
remove my attachments for these. "
I want to pray Lord varada like this.

Please forgive me for my ignorance on these topics and enlighten me and
suggest a proper way.

and one more thing,

How can I feel the presence/ reciprocation of perumAL ?
For great devotees like rAmanujar and kAnchi PUrna etc., They submit
their prayers / questions to the Lord and they will get direct oral
reply - like Lord gave 6 answers for rAmanujas questions.

But for Luke worm devotees , Lord does not speak ? How can I see the
Lords reciprocation for my prayers at least to a minute extent ?

Please forgive me and ignore this mail if these questions are stupid. (
I am not sure whether these questions can be asked )
adiYen dAsan

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