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GodhA Sthuthi slOkams of Swami Desikan : Part I

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Mon Jul 03 2000 - 18:54:13 PDT

Dear BhakthAs :

adiyEn invited your attention to the 500 page
commentary on the 30 Paasurams of ThiruppAvai
of Anna VayaR Pudhuvai ANDAL by U.Ve. PerukkaraNai
Sri ChakravarthyAcchAr Swamy of Desika Bhavanam ,
and requested your particpation to help release 
this magnificent manuscript in to a printed monograph .

Ten BhakthAs have responded sofar with pledges that  
add up to $ 984 . AdiyEn will match this amount 
on a one on one basis because of adiyEn's desire 
to catalyze the printing and release of this scholarly
commentary on the great Prabhandham of ThiruppAvai 
by GodhA Piratti for the world wide aasthikA community . 
We need a total of $2,800 . With the matching of 
the currently pledged amounts , we have now come to 
the level of $1968 against the target of $2,800 .
We just need $ 832 more or pledges of $ 416 for 
Matching purposes . 

As an expression of my gratitude for the BhakthAs
who are taking part in this last Kaimkaryam for 
this year from my end , adiyEn thought few postings 
on the anubhavam of the great sthuthi of Swamy Desikan 
on ANDAL revered as GodhA Sthuthi  would be appropriate.

This sthuthi brimming with affection and reverence 
for GodhA has 29 slOkams . These slOkams also
house the tattuvams that ANDAL taught us for
our hitham and ujjevanam (upliftment). These postings 
will take off from the earlier ones on the study of
the deep Tatthuvams enshrined in ThiruppAvai of ANDAL . 
These earlier postings of adiyEn are archived in 
the December 96 and January 97 archives of 
the Bhakthi list . 

Swamy Desikan described his sthuthi on
GodhA dEvi and its effect on those who
recite it as "Bahu GuNa RamaNIyaam ya:
Sa bhavathi BahumAnya: SrimathO Rangabharthu:"
( Those who recite this GodhA sthuthi  
containing the splendid tributes to the many
KalyANa GuNams of Godhai would become very 
dear Her Lord , Sri RanganAthan) .Swami Desikan 
also pointed out the slOkams of GodhA Sthuthi
arose form him out of the fully blossomed 
Bhakthi for Her ( Ithi vikasitha bhakthE:
utthithAm VenkatEsAth). May we through 
the recitation of the GodhA Sthuthi and 
contemplation on its deep meanings enshrined in
its 29 SlOkams become dear to Sri RanganAthA ,
the beloved consort of ANDAL.

adiyEn's sister , Kaimkrya Sri Padma
VeerarAghavan of West Mambalam has tuned
the 29 slOkams of GodhA sthuthi in Ghana 
and rakthi raagams and has taught it to 
hundreds of ladies of Chennai . She is
currenltly working feverishly on GodhA Sahasram
project at Desika Bhavanam at Mylapore
to train 1,000 ladies to sing GodhA 
Sthuthi in unison at SrivilliputthUr in front 
of Our ThAyAr , ANDAL .

AdiyEn will be happy to arrange for all
the particpants in this kaimkaryam to receive 
a tape of the 29 slOkams of the GodhA sthuthi 
tuned by my sister and sung by a small
group of ladies . RaagAs like Raama PriyA ,
Nattai, GowLai, Aarabhi ,VarALi , Sri ,
Naayaki and Surutti are some of the raagams
used in this rendering .

AdiyEn will commence the postings on 
the individual slOkams of Swamy Desikan's
GodhA Sthuthi next.

Daasan, Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan        


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