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Padhuka Sahasram-262

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Fri Jun 30 2000 - 19:47:39 PDT

SrimatE Gopaladesika MahadesikAya Namaha,
Translation by U.Ve. Dr. V.N. Vedanta Desikan Swamin:

262. sharadha: shathamamba! pAdhukE!syAm
     maNimaNtapikAsu rangaBharthu:
     thvadhaDhInAni gathAgathAni pashyan

Oh Paaduka! May I be enabled to enjoy, for a hundred years, the going 
and coming of Sri Ranganatha, who wears You in all these walks, so 
much so that His festivals become dependent on You, so to say; when 
You take the Lord to different gem-studded Mandapas, at appropriate 
times, devas like Brahma, who are formally invited for the festival, 
recite hymns in the Lord's praise.

Namo Narayana,
SriMuralidhara Dasan

Special Notes by V.Sadagopan (V.S):

(1) Sri UthtamUr Swamy's anubhavam : Here , Swami
Desikan celebrates the "gathAgathAni" aspects or
the coming and goings of the Paadhukais with Lord
RanganAthA during the many festivals at the Srirangam
temple. Swamy Desikan says: ' Oh Mother PaadhukE !
During the time of the temple festivals , BrahmA and 
the dEvAs unite Lord RanganAthA's feet with you  
to enable Him to travel to the many gem-bedecked 
sanctums  and offer their worships at these sites 
in the classical manner prescribed by Paancha Raathram 
texts . May adiyEn be blessed by you to see the comings
and goings of Lord RanganAthA united with you for 
one hunred years.

(2) SrimathAndavan's anubhavam: Oh Mother PaadhukE!
During the uthsava kaalams , it is customary 
to call upon all the dEvAs to perform different 
kaimkaryams to Lord RanganAthan.They all have
responded with alacrity to the roll call .PerumAL
wears You and travels to the different chambers of 
the temple . There , the awaiting DevAs eulogize
the Lord. It is adiyEn's ( Swamy Desikan's) ardent
desire to live in this earth for hundred years 
to have the sEvA BHAgyam  of the Lord's gathAgathAni
ably assited by the paadhukais. 

(3) With great tenderness , Swamy Desikan
addresses the Paadhukais here as : " hE ambha 
paadukE!" . Lord RanganAthA's feet are indebted 
to the Paadhukais for their tireles kaimkaryam
and therefore they (the feet of the Lord) has no 
freedom to move around by themselves.Swamy states
here that Lord RanganAthan is totally dependent
on HIs PAADUKAIS ( tvadhadhiNaNi).Swamy prays for
th Vedic prAyam (longevity) of 100 years for himself
to spend that time happily watching the comings and 
the goings of the Lord traveling to the various 
uthsavams at Srirangam ( gathAgathAni pasyan 
saradhasatham syAm)...V.S

(4) Swamy Desikan's prayer reminds us of the prayers
we say during the MaadhyAhnika SandhyA Vandhanam:
" pasyEma Saradha: satham, jeevEma saradha: satham ,
nandhAma saradha: satham , mOdhAma saradha: satham -- 
Here the prayer is to see Soorya-mandala
madhyastha Sriman NaarAyaNan for 100 years .Swamy 
Desikan's prayer to the Padhukais is : " hE Ambha 
PaadhukE! Rangabharthu: tvadhadhInAni gathaagathAni
pasyan Saradha: Satham syAm"...V.S  

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