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thirup pAvai - part 47 - How does Aaycchiar identify Sri KrishnA ?

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Sun Jan 31 1999 - 05:07:24 PST

Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam

thirup pAvai - part 47 - How does Aaycchiar identify Sri KrishnA ?
- as Sriman nArAyaNa !

	HE controlled the "kAlinga" snake and protected the  cow 
herds and their water hole. HE also  humiliated lord Sri  BrahmA 
himself when HE expanded  into  many cows HIMself and  protected  
the cows as  Sri  Amaruviyappan.  If Lord Sri BrahmA himself was 
unaware  of  this  avathAra rahasyam untill then and during  the 
avathAram  times,    then  who  else will know ? The converse is 
that if one is unknown to  Lord  Brahma  HIMself who else HE can 
be ? HE must be the para deivam  Sriman  nArAyaNA  HIMself.  Now 
after reading Srimadh bAgavatham we can derive such conclusions.  
But how did the Aaychiars came  to  know  of  HIS para swaroopam 
during the time of  avathAram  itself ?  Revelation to Sri Akrur 
took place as HE was leaving AaypAdi. 

	If one may say HE had  the special mani  or  pendant  in 
HIS "thiru mArbu" or chest,  then  it  is  understood  that  HIS 
acquiring the "mani" was a later incident  and  it  didnot  take 
place during HIS tenure in AaypAdi. If  some may say HE revealed 
HIS para thtathuvam to Sri Arjuna during Srimadh bagawath Geetha 
upadEsam,  then  such incident also took place after HE had left 
AaypAdi. So this revelation must  have occured  while  HE was in 
AaypAdi, and to a  select  few  Aaychiars.  The  supposition  is  
such that  as  everyone  in  AaypAdi  witnessed, HE carried  the 
govardhana giri mountain with his lillte finger  and gave refuge  
to  the entire Aayar kulam. This and all the other "athimAnushya 
kAryams"  of the Lord  easily identify  HIM as  one  who  is  an  
extraordinary person. 

      But then saving the Aayars from the wrath of Indra by this 
gOvardhana giri episode  was seen as the turning point such that 
HE identified HIMself as the para deivam to  Aaychiars. ie  When 
"kAlinga" snake was  poisoning all  the  water and  was  nabbing  
cow  herds  one  by one, the Aaychiars were not in great danger. 
When Kamsa's army took away all the cows, and the Lord performed 
HIS vEnu gAnam to recall the  cows,  the  Aaychiars  were not in 
great danger for their life either.   However   when  Indra  was  
inducing  thunder storms and pouring  all  the  myth through the 
rains,  the  entire  clan of Aaychiars was  facing   extinction.  
They  thought  there  was  no other way than to perish. It  was, 
when the Lord gave  them  the protection  in  an   extraordinary  
way  by  simply  lifting  the mountain with great ease, they did 
survive and as well (some of them) believe that this is the  God 
Sriman nArAyaNa HIMself the  speciality  of  whom is  to  always 
protect those who are surrenderd to HIM. Hence certain Aaychiars  
already  know  that this is nArAyaNA HIMself who appeared as Sri 
KrishnA to save them. Since this line is revealing  the avathAra  
rahasyam  this pAsuram that contains this line is very important  
one  for  the entire thirup pAvai, and since  this  one  pAsuram 
itself  reveals  the para thatthuvams all in one,  this  nool or 
literature itself is very important and  is  known as the "thiru 
avathAram" of the Lord HIMself.  

Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sampath Rengarajan 

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