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thirup pAvai - part 46 - Sri KrishnA, an extraordinary one ?

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Sun Jan 31 1999 - 05:09:39 PST

Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam

thirup pAvai - part 46 -  "Why"  must  Aaycchiars  identify  Sri 
KrishnA as an extraordinary person ?

    It was stated earlier that the nArayaNa saptham is a special
one and that one has to take every care in handling or  chanting 
        nAra sapthEna jeevAnAm samooha: prOchayathE buthai |
        kathirAlambanam thasya dEna nArAyana: samrutha:||

        ie Our elders state that the nAra saptham represents the
society (samooham) of the nArALs or jeevAs.  The one who  stands 
as  the  "prApyam" (palan) and Siddha upAyam (means) as well for
this jeeva samooham is also called as nArAyaNan.

        It is also said  in  nArAyaNa  saptha vyAkyAnam, nArAyNa 
anuvAham that "nArAyaNam pArAyaNam" or nArAyaNan is the one  who
stands as the  superior  siddhA  upAyam.  Sri  sulaba  upanishad 
also narrates this  thiru nAmam as "saraNam nArAyaNA" or saraNam 
to nArAyaNa.
        Sri ANDAL already  knows  that  Sri  KrishnA  is  Sriman 
nArAyaNA and the para deivam. But then it is puzzling to many as 
to how she identifies SriKrishna when she in  Aaychiar  bhAvam ?  
ie.,  Did  those   Aaychiars already  know   during  Sri Krishna 
avathAram that Sri KrishnA is Sriman nArAyanA HIMself. Yes !  It
is derived from this extraordinary verse in the first pAsuram of
thirup pAvai that  certain  Aaychiars  very  well  knew  of  HIS 
avathAra rahasyam  during the avatharam itself. It is  conceived  
that  Sri  ANDAL  is  conveying  that  certain Aaychiars already 
knew  that Sri Krishna is Sriman nArayanA HIMself.  Even  during  
the  previous  avathArams, the avathAra rahasyams were  revealed 
to some during  certain stages.

        It seems certain rishis  also proclaimed then that "Esha 
nArAyaNa: ...hyAga mathurAm purim"., ie Sriman nArAyaNan HIMself 
has come to  mathura  puri.

        Unlike the previous avathArAs, Sri KrishnA  accomplished
a lot of HIS avathAra kAryams when  HE  was a child  itself. The 
"asareeri" or the divine voices from heaven pronounced about HIS 
coming to do kamsa samhAram. Sri AdisEsha  appeard  in  HIS real 
swaroopam and protected HIM as HE was  carried  from  the prison 
(of HIS parents) to Sri Nandagopar's thiru mALigai. HE did  suck 
up the  life  of  Sri  Boothanai and  kicked  off  the  life  of 
sadakAsuran,  and  relieved  the  sons  of Sri kubEra from their 
spell bound. HE showed the entire universe in  HIS  mouth to Sri 
yasOdhai.  HE is the one who killed   many demons or asurAs such  
as vyOmAsura, dhinAkAsura, pralambasura, kEshi,  and few  others  
sent by Kamsa. Slaying so many asurAs in one's childhood is  not
an ordinary achievement. Only an extraordinary person can do so.

Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sampath Rengarajan

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