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Periya Thirumozhi 1.2- Oh mind! Reach Thiruppirithi (Joshimutt) Divya Desam!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Fri Jan 29 1999 - 03:14:33 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

ThirumangaiAzhwAr after bursting out with the glory and greatness of 
Thirumanthram and Narayana naamam, enters to enjoy its greatness and 
presence in Sri Vaishnava Divya dEsams. He starts to enjoy Thiruppirithi 
Divya Desam in Himalayas. (presently called "Joshimutt"- about 154 miles 
from badrinath. Vasudeva PerumAL- Paramapurushan – in NinRa thirukkOlam- 
standing posture- prathyaksham to Parvathi. PiraaTTi- ParimaLa valli 
Naaacchiyaar. There is also a Narasimhar temple built by Adisankarar.- 
Since Thirumangai AzhwAr paid obeisance to about 80 temples on foot, and 
sang these mangaLaasaasanams on PerumAL, it is adiyEn’s intent to at 
least write about these Divya Desams, as and when we recite and read the 
respective pAsurams.(and their meanings) - Erudite members of the group, 
please correct whenever I make a wrong statement. This ten is excellent 
even for its poetic value and the description of beautiful scenic nature 
and its charm)

1. The rainy clouds that spray little drizzles on the mountains which 
make gentle noise; Listening to these noises and looking at the rainy 
clouds, beautiful peacocks spread its feathers and dance gracefully; the 
ponds surround the lands everywhere; - such a place is Thiruppirithi 
which is full of fertile green trees and plants; At this sthlam, Sri 
Ramapiraan , who killed the king of monkey- Vaali, is showing Himself so 
mercifully; Oh nenjE! (mind!) please reach this place.
2. Elephants are huge like mountains; they are very strong; and show 
fearsome anger; - Even such elephants get scared of lions; These lions 
have huge cave like mouths; Such elephants and lions wander at this 
place Thiruppirithi where Sri Ramapiraan also is living (for us) – the 
One who destroyed rAvaNan and his all asurAs and his kingdom. Oh mind! 
Please reach this sthalam!
3.  Slender waist, dark black tresses- the epitome of beauty- Nappinaai 
PiraaTTi- for her, Emperumaan KaNNan fought with seven oxen and tamed 
them; - Such Great Lord is here at Thiruppirithi, which is filled with 
humming bees singing lullaby to the male elephant sleeping on the bed of 
flowers with its mate on the scenic rocky mountains. (What a narration 
of picturesque beauty by AzhwAr!) Oh mind! Reach this lovely place!
4. Emperumaan Narasingha perumAn shows Himself here at Thiruppirithi, 
the Lord- who tore the chest of hiraNayan- the One, who is worshipped by 
DevAs. Thiruppirithi is full of huge varaahams (pigs), (in pAsuram 
referred to as "yEnam") tear open the strong rocks with its curvy horns, 
and the particles of minerals (maNigaL- precious stone-like particles 
like emerald, safire etc.. ) that come out of such breaking of rocks, 
mix with water falling from mountains and shine so beautifully! Oh mind! 
Reach this beautiful holy place! (Periya vaacchaan PiLLai says "even the 
name of Narasimham is enough for the rocks to explode (rocks- asurAs); 
these huge Varaaham (ordinary pigs), simply due to being Varaaham (due 
to its connection of Varaaha avtaar of the Lord), get their great 
strength to break even the rocky mountains, with their horns)
5. Emperumaan, whose Lotus Feet are worshipped by Devas, and who 
reclines on ThiruppaaRkadal, appears in the same dress and in same form 
with MahAlakshmi at Thiruppirithi. This place is where huge male 
elephants (similar to the shape of the mountain itself on Himalayas 
mountain), pluck the tender bamboo sticks, dip the corner of the stick 
in honey and offer to their mates; Such a fertile, lovely, beautiful, 
and holy place (like ThiruppaaRkadal ITSELF.) Oh mind! Reach this pace!
6. "Oh ParamapurushA! The One who reclines on AdhisEshan and has His 
YoghanithrA!" – thus Devas address Him coming in groups; they lower 
their heads (with their shining golden crown) looking at Emperumaan’s 
Feet at Thiruppirithi. This place is where clouds hug the top of the 
mountains and the most fragrant Kurukkatthi flower plants have grown 
taller than clouds; the bees jump from flowers to flowers (thereby in 
and out of clouds) and hum; such a marvellous place is Thiruppirithi; Oh 
mind! Reach this place! (what a description of scenic beauty of 
7. This place of Thiruppirithi, where Emperumaan is showing Himself so 
gracefully- is where ferocious tigers live inside the forest of these 
hills; the pepper creepers grow and spread among clouds on top of these 
hills and tie and hug themselves around huge trees;- In this place on 
Himalayas, where beautiful ponds are there, BrahmA, and other Devas take 
bath, offer various kinds of fragrant flowers (se~ngazhuneer, 
cheNbhagam, iruvaatchi, paadhiri, punnai, kurukkatthi, karumugai, and 
thaamarai) to Emperumaan’s Lotus Feet and recite Vedas and utter His 
Divine names to pay their obeisance; Oh mind! Reach this place!
8. It appears like it is always nights- like that there are huge caves 
at Thiruppirithi; inside these huge caves, there are snakes living in 
with terrible hunger; in such Himalayan mountain, where Devas, presided 
by BrahmA, come and address the Lord of Thiruppirithi as "Parama 
PurushA! AdhimoolamE (Primordial Chief!) MugilvaNNA! (Cloudy Coloured 
Lord!) and pay their obeisance to His Lotus Feet. Oh mind! Reach this 
9. This place of Thiruppirithi on Himalayas – where Paramapurushan is 
showing Himself so gracefully- in order to save all those devotees (who 
utter His (thousand) names; who know the meanings and contemplate His 
greatness and pay obeisance to Him) from all sins and sorrows due to 
their past karmAs; and protect them for reaching His place- This such a 
Great place- Thiruppirithi is where foolish ignorant bees get scared 
looking at those red lovely charming mineral filled asOka flowers 
thinking that they are pieces of fire balls. Oh mind! Reach this place!
10. The dark huge black clouds are so heavy and are full of waters that 
they are not able to move fast; they appear to be stationary at one 
place on this Himalayas mountain at Thiruppirithi. The thunders that 
these clouds make, give huge pythons an impression that they are huge 
dark elephants that are standing and are for their (python’s) food and 
they slowly move to catch and trap these clouds; (Great! AzhwAr’s poetic 
narration is beyond my translation!) And in such a place, Emeprumaan 
show Himself so mercifully. Those who recite and sing these pAsurams of 
AzhwAr of Thirumangai, (the place where beautiful gardens are there with 
bees humming sweetly to pay their obeisance to Emperumaan) will not have 
any sorrow dare approach them.

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana 

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan

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