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Chithra paddhathi : 936th slOkam -Part 3

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Jan 28 1999 - 20:05:23 PST

Dear BhakthAs :

We will include the word by word translation
and the deeper meanings of this slOkam here .

As indicated in the first posting in this series , 
the divisions of the padhams and their meanings 
are as follows according to the PeriyAsrama upadEsam :

yaayaayaa (1), aaya(2), aayaaya (3),

ayaaya (4), ayaaya(5), ayaaya (6),

ayaaya(7), ayaayaa (8), yaayaaya (9),

aayaayaaya(10), ayaayaa(11), yaa(12),

yaa(13), yaa(14), yaa(15), yaa(16),

yaa(17), yaa(18), yaa(19)

Meaning of the above 19 padhams :
yaa(12th)= yaathoru Paadhuhai aanathu ,
That One paadhukhA 

aayaaya(3)=which strives for the benefit of 
both its Master , the Lord and those associated
with Him 

yaa(13)=That one PaadhukhA 

ayaaya(4)= which confers subham and adhrushtam
to those , who take refuge in it 

yaa(14)=That one PaadhukhA

ayaaya(5)=which blesses one , who surrenders 
to it with Jn~Anam

yaa(15) = That one paadhukhA or the PaadhukhA of 
that description/glory /mahimai

ayaaya(6)=That which becomes desirable as 
the paradEvathA for the purposes of worship by
the aasrithAs 

yaa(16)=That One Glorious PaadhukhA

ayaaya(7)= that which destroys all the internal
and the external enemies of those , who seek 
its protection 

ayaayaa= a-yaayaa(8)= That which is affiliated with the 
charaNams (sacred feet ) of the Lord

yaa(17) That extraordinary PaadhukhA of great glory

yaayaaya(9) = that which becomes useful during 
the sanchArams( movements)of the Lord outside His aasthAnam

yaa(18) That sacred PaadhukhA 

aayaayaaya(10)= That which is responsible to bring
the Lord to  the side of aasrithAs for their protection

yaa(19)= That supremely auspicious paadhukhA 

aayaayaa(11)=That which earns for the aasrithAs ,
the stage(fruit) of mOksham 

yaayaa(1)= That which makes the aasrithAs 
reach sadhgathi thru realization of Parama-

(saa) aaya(2)= That paadhukhA conferring all 
these SoubhAgyams to the AasrithAs remains
forever the sesha bhUtham for its master, 
Sri RanganAthan .

Extended Meaning:

Because of the vaathsalyam (deep affection ) that
the PaadhukhA has for the asrithars (sEshAs=samsAris )
and the Sarva sEshi (BhagavAn) , it serves as a cause
of great wealth for both the Sarva seshan and the sEshis .
It provides the gain for the samsAris by blessing 
them with the attainment of the Lord( Bhagaavth PrApthi)
and makes its Lord rich by reuniting the lost samsAris
to His fold ( JeevarAsi Prapthi for the Lord ).

The samsAris are exposed to subhams and asubhams 
through their karmAs .The PaadhukhA through its 
dayA removes the inauspiciousness and blesses 
the aasrithAs for svalpa vyAjams ( meager efforts 
of approaching it ) and blesses them profoundly .
It gives them the Tattva JN~Anam that is the root
cause of sarva KshEmams. 

The PaadhukhA reminds the svatha: sarvaj~nan
( One by very nature is all comprehending ) 
out of its great compassion about the need
to come to the rescue of the aasrithan .It 
also helps the aasrithan not to have the 
affiliation with the devathAntharams in
the spirit of "dhEvu maRRaRiyEN ).

The PaadhukhA chases away the external enemies
as well as the internal ones ( Kaamam , KrOdham et al)
and is forever vigilant in this regard.It is ready
to produce joy for the samsAris by bringing the Lord 
on its back to the raaja veedhis of Srirangam during
the various uthsavams .

It stands by to rush the Lord to the side of one,
who cries out in times of danger or at times
when the prapannan can not bear the pangs of aarthi.
It waits to bless the aasrithAs with the MOkshAnugraham
through its closeness to the Lord and stays for this
reason forever as the Sesha bhUtham of Bhagavaan. 
It pleases the Lord through its sushrUshais 
and keeps the good realtionship with the Lord 
to save us through His intercession . This is 
the nithya yOgam ( inseparable union ) of the PaadhukhA . 
For our sake ,it enhances its friendship with the Lord 
through nithya kaimkaryam and gains His grace. 

SadhAchAryAs like the PaadhukhA cause paraspara 
praapthi and paraspara laabham between the Seshis
and the seshan .The seshis are like puthran to
them and the Lord is like father to them . These
sadAchAryAs unite their puthrans with their PithA .
They thus create great auspiciousness through 
tattva Jn~Ana upadEsam . They create the clear 
knowledge and AchArya Bhakthi . They perform 
uthsavams for the Lord for loka kshEmA purposes.
When the prapannAs long for the Lord's sevai , 
they pray to the Lord and make it possible for 
the prapannA to have that soubhAgyam .They help
through their intercession with the Lord to make
the samsAris gain mokshAnugraham . They accept 
the prapatthi and plead to the Lord for the conferral
of Moksham .For retaining this power , they do tapas 
and ArAdhanam to the Lord to retain His closeness 
and grace . They (SadAchAryAs ) perform profound
kaimkaryams to the divya dampathis and attain
the status of nithya Yogam like the Lord's paadhukhA .

Swami Desikan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam ,
Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SadagOpan