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thiru mangai thiru aranga thirup pani - part 2 - golden statue

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Thu Jan 28 1999 - 04:24:18 PST

Thiruk kaNNa mangai - part 10 - Thirumangai  thiru aranga  thirup 
pani - part - 2 - golden statue

note: part 1  is  posted in bhakti long ago as  a  continuation of  
thiruk kaNNa mangai thala purAnam part 9. According so  some  this 
may be a mere fiction or fantasy. But  adiyEn  is  referring  from 
well researched sources.
Dear bAgawathAs,
Sri kumuthavalli samEtha Sri thirumangai AzhwAr thiruvadikalE saraNam
       It was periya perumAL thiru uLLam that  thiru mangai had to
do the thirup pani or  construction  of madhil or compond wall for
periya kOil.  It required lot  resources  and those days were also
similar  to  the  present  days.  (*).  Unlike  the  current  days
thirumangai  was set to mobilise all the  resources  using all his
myth and if required with his shear strenth as the padai  thalivan
or  captain  of the army as well.  However,  there  were not  many
resources  avavilable  even for one to be taken by the other those
days.  In nagap pattinam  known as thiru nAgai, there was a buddha
temple that had a golden buddhA  statue.  Thirumangai  mannan came
to know of it.  Thirumangai's  friends  suggested  to him  that if
they can have that  vigraha  then the temple  construction  can be
completed  with much ease.  However,  that  temple was secured and
controlled by strict vigil.

        It is said  that,  thirumangai  deicided  to  abduct  that
statue and use it for periya  kOil  mathil  thiru  pani.  He chose
handful of his  parivAram  and arrived at thiru  nAgai.  They went
around  the temple and found no way to enter it easily.  There was
a secret  entrance  through an  underground  tunnel  available for
boudhars alone and such tunnel was also  originating  from a thick
woods several hundred feet away.  It is said that, the entrance to
the  tunnel  was  heavily   guarded  and  admission  was  strictly
restricted to boudhrar only.

        Since it is  impossible  to enter  through that  entrance,
they  planned for another  route.  There was a sthubi that one can
see from outside.  If one can climb that and dig in a hole through
that then one can land on the inside.  However, the spies informed
him that there is a machine on the landing spot that will suck the
person  into  it and  cut  them  off.  On  knowing  these  details
thirumangai  learnt  as to where the  sippi or the  architect  who
fabricated  that  machine.  It was learnt that the  architect  was
living in Srilanka  then.  It was also learnt  that the  architect
had a decre  on him  that if he ever  reveal  the  secrets  of the
machine,  his head  will be  chopped  off.  It was  said  that the
architect  agreed to that decre and obtained a lot of compensation
for the services he rendered in  fabricating  and  installing  the
mechanism and took his wealth to Srilanka and was living there.

        Thirumangai  planned a trip to Srilanka  with his aides to
meet with the architect of the machine.

Note:  (*) One may recall as to how  efforts  our 44th Jeer had to
take to  mobilise  all the  required  resources  to build the Raja
Gopuram  in the last  decade.  Similarly  our Sri  Venkat a parama
ekAnthi (45 Jeer addressed him so when he recently addressed north
American  shishyALs through a tele conference) is struggling  hard 
to  mobilise  sufficient  resources  to  build  the Sri RanganAtha 
temple in Pomona Newyork, USA as ordained by HIS Holiness the 44th
Jeer Himself. The mahA samprOkshanam is set for July the 5 th  and
there will be celebrtations from  Jul 1 to Jul  5th.  adiyEn   and
scores of many bAgawathAs are going to be there during that  time.
In the meantime we are extending all we can to help him raise some
resources. If you know anyone who can share some   money  for  the 
construction please let us know. You can contact Sri Sadagopan  or
Sri Anbil Ramaswamy or Sri Venkat or adiyEn. To   keep   the tempo 
and the momentum adiyEn will  keep  posting  on  this   series  in 
addition to   the  thirup  pAvai  vyAkyAnams  (thirup  pAvai  will 
continue  for  several  months/and  a  few years) untill the final 
plans of Sri mahA samprOkshanam are rolled out in early April,1999.

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