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Ramanuja celebration at Melkote (tirunArAyaNapuram)

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Wed Jan 27 1999 - 10:10:41 PST

>From the Prof. M.A. Lakshmithathachar, Academy of Sanskrit
Research Melkote:

For information to ALL the Srivaishnavas:

The 900th anniversary of Ramanuja's visit is being celebrated on a
grand scale in Melkote.  The Academy has also planned a few
events/projects to commemorate the occasion.  A jyothi in the name of
Ramanuja travelled to all those places Ramanujacarya visited, right
from his birth place.  Today it has reached Melkote and jeeyars of
variou mathas are arriving at Melkote during the next four days.  The
Ahobila Matham is laying foundation stone on 29th to construct Adivan
Satakopa Bhavan at Melkote. 


I have more information about this grand celebration.
Sri Lakshmithathachar's assistant, Sri B.V. Ramapriya,
was kind enough to send me an invitation. -- Mani