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Chithra Paddhathi : Slokam 936

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Mon Jan 25 1999 - 20:03:45 PST

Dear Sri Ranganatha Divya PadhukhA AarAdhakhAs :

This series started after hearing Sri Mukkur 
Lakshmi NarasimhAcchAr Swamy recite two of 
the Chithra Paddhathi SlOkams in his NithyAnusandhAnam
tape . Today , I will focus on another great 
Chithra Paddhathi SlOkam known for its beauty ,
depth of meaning and the excellent illustration
of Swami Desikan's skills as a MahA Kavi and 
a great AchAryA of our venerable SampradhAyam .

The 936th SlOkam of Sri RanganAtha PaadhukhA Sahasram

This slOkam is an example of Eka VarNa chithram 
and is made up of one Aksharam :"Ya" in this case .
It has one Svaram and hence it is called Eka Svara 
Chithram .It is also called Dhvi SthAna Chithram ,
since two specific sthAnams (locations ) inside 
the vocal apparatus are exclusively associated 
with the recitation of this slOkam . 

In addition to the above chithrams (patterns )of svaram 
and sthAnam, there are many other geometric patterns 
(Bhandhams )that qualify this slOkam to be revered as
a MahA Yamakam . The name Yamakam means twin at a 
surface level . In a rhetorical sense , Yamakam means 
structured repetition of aksharams/syllables in the same 
slOkam , which are similar in sound , but different in meaning .
What Swami Desikan did was much more than what the rules 
of the Yamakam required and constructed a MahA Yamakam 
out of this slOkam .We will now enjoy this great SlOkam
revering the Sri Ranganaatha Divya maNi PaadhukhAs .

The SlOkam based on the aksharam , Ya

The aksharam , "Ya" is repeated 32 times in this slOkma , 
just as the most sacred Chathush paadha Gaayathri contains
32 different aksharams . The other connections with the number 
"Thirty Two" aksharams forming this slOkam are : 
(1) there are 32 Brahma VidhyAs or Para VidhyAs 
(2)There are 32 Paddhathis ( Vazhis or Maargams )in 
the PaadhukhA Sahasra grantham . These are the 32 
ways of worshipping Sri RanganAtha PaadhukhAs ,
which is equal to worshipping NammAzhwAr in 32 different
ways .

The text of this great slOkam is :

yaa yaa yaa yaa yaa yaa yaa yaa yaa yaa yaa yaa yaa yaa yaa yaa
yaa yaa yaa yaa yaa yaa yaa yaa yaa yaa yaa yaa yaa yaa yaa yaa

The PadhacchEtham or division of the words in 19 parts 
to bring about the meaning split along  four quadrants are :

yaayaayaa (1) , aaya (2) , aayaaya (3), ayaaya (4),
ayaaya (5) , ayaaya (6) , ayaaya (7), ayaayaa (8),
yaayaaya (9), aayaayaaya(10), aayaayaa(11) ,

The fourth quadrant is made up of 8 aksharAs (yaa),
which are the same .The three other quadrants split
differently based on the unit of EkAksharam , Ya .
The aksharam , Yaa , stands for the Lord's PaadhukhAs .

General Meaning of this slOkam

The PaadhukhAs are the instruments to give one , the most precious
boon of Moksham and have joined the Lord's feet to have that
poweras the supreme sadAchAryan ( Prapanna Jana kUtasthar).
The PadhukhAs as the representative of Sriman NaarAyaNA 
bring Him to people with blemishes to remove their defects and
transform them into liberated souls( muktha Jivans)through 
SamAsrayaNam and BharanyAsam .This is possible because 
the PaadhukhAs rarely leave the Lord's proximity .

We will continue with the word by word meaning for 
the 19 words referred to earlier in the next posting .
We will also elaborate on the deeper meanings of this 
slOkam in that posting .

Swami Desikan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam ,
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradachAri SadagOpan