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Fwd: Re: Sri Gaayathri dEvi: Vedic Significance

From: muralidhar rangaswamy (
Date: Mon Jan 25 1999 - 06:56:05 PST


Dear Bhaktas,

Sriman Sadagopan Swamin encouraged me to share the following 
observations with the list. 

>>Dear Sadagopan,
Thanks for a wonderful summary of Gayathri, Savitri and Saraswati. 
The deep roots of these three from the Vedas have been brought out 
beautifully in your note.The term Gayathri Mantram itself means that 
which protects one who recites it. According to U.Ve. Sri Mukkur 
Lakshminarasimhachariar Swamin, Gayathri Devi is clad in white colored 
silk in the morning (Pratah Sandya), and recites the Rg Vedam. In the 
afternoon (Madhyahnikam), robed in red colored silk garments She recites 
the Yajur Vedam. In the evening (Saayam Sandyavandanam) she adorns black 
colored silk while reciting the Saama Vedam. Thus, 
merely contemplating upon her at the appropriate Sandhya periods confers 
the benefit of worshipping the Lord through the recitation of Rg, Yajus, 
and Saama Vedam. Sri Mukkur Swamin states that Gayathri Devi makes our 
life simple!

Best Wishes,

Muralidhar Rangaswamy

Sri KrishNArpaNamastu,

Muralidhar Rangaswamy

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