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With my humble namaskaarams...
Date: Sat Jan 23 1999 - 19:50:41 PST

Dear Bhagavathaas,

Allow me to share with you the blessings, the love and the bliss that I
experienced at the hands and feet of Sri Agnihothram Thathachariar Swamigal
last weekend at Madras. He spoke of nothing but the Parabrahmam (Anando
parabrahmethi...) throughout my almost two hours stay with him. It was
exhilarating to hear and feel the taste from someone who was tasting It and
was living It. It was like listening to the Purusha suktham rishi Himself
saying the Purusha suktham. There was no doubt in my mind that this was not a
mere Vedic scholar, but a true Vedic rishi himself, the one who could really
declare from first-hand experience "Vedahametham purusham mahaantham ...".
Again, let me share the Love that I experienced that day with each and every
one of you.

Agnihothram is now 94 years old, with one leg removed. Still travels through
India and conducts four soma yagams a year. Working on three books now. Very
accessible to everyone, moves easily with everyone and allows others to move
easily with him, very positive and encouraging etc etc. A living example of
life led according to the principles of Sanathana Dharma.

I asked Agnihothram as I was getting up to go if I could make his bed for him.
You see, it was early in the morning and we had been sitting on the floor for
about two hours chatting. He said with a captivating smile, "No! No! That is
my work. If you do my work, what will I do?" A simple, fulfilled, Godly


I asked for his permission for me to reply to the recent bhakti-list postings
from Mr. Dhileepan, Mr. Kalale and others. He nodded and then moved on to talk
about Truth, quoting from Vedas..Oh! It was beautiful! He cautioned that there
is no room for materialism, professionalism etc in religion or spirituality.


With my humble namaskaarams to all of you, let me say that the quest for Truth
is personal, necessary and commendable, and has to be approached in the
correct way (sathyaanveshanam). In fact, I am reminded  of a story in the
Ramayana where Rama explains to Lakshmana that there are four types of
'discussions' (vadam): vadam, prathivadam (reporte), vithandavadam (a
discussion that leads nowhere) and samvadam (a discussion held in harmony,
with a sincere quest to 'excavate' Truth along the 'sahanaavavathu..'
principle). It is the latter that has to be welcomed, says Rama and the other
three should not even be paid attention to.

I have read Agnihothram's Srimukham and it rings true to me, and is in
consonance with my conscience. The answers to the questions which Mr.
Dhileepan has posted are easy to come by upon a little reflection and
consistent, flawless understanding. Samvaadam, by necessity, is one-on-one and
deeply personal. In this sense, I 'll be happy to share my understanding and
continue the sathyaanveshanam in private e-mails, provided the intent is