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Sri Ramanuja Jayanthi Celebration, 1999

From: Nadadur Mathavan (
Date: Sat Jan 23 1999 - 08:18:18 PST

Dear Bhagavathas:

Sri Ramanuja Mission Inc. requests all Bhagavathas to participate in the Sri
Ramanuja Jayanthi celebrations to be held at Sri Venkateswara Temple in
Bridgewater, New Jersey on Saturday, April 24th 1999.

Sri Ramanuja Mission's first anniversary will also be celebrated on the same
day.  The Mission is planning to have an one-day event at the temple that
includes the Mission sponsored Abishekam (10:30 -1:00), Srinivasa Kalyanam
(4:00 - 5:30) and discourses by participating Bhagavathas from different
organizations (2:00 - 4.00).  Lunch will be provided.

The Mission is planning to release the much awaited CDs of Sri Desikar
Sotramala.   With Bhavath anugraham, the recordings are expected to be
completed soon.  This monumental task of recording over 900 slokas in 28
titles (including Prakrith work of Swami Desikar) has taken nearly two years
to complete.  The Achutha Satakam in Prakrith (101 slokas) is incredibly
rare and we are fortunate to have such complete renderings of these slokas,
which is a fitting tribute to the greatness of Sri Vedantha MahaDesika.
This is the world premiere effort of bringing a comprehensive collection of
all the slokas together.  The slokas are rendered by Sri Shyam Sundar and
Sri Venkat Srinivasan of New Jersey in a traditional divine recitation, and
English commentary is included before each sloka explaining its meaning and
importance.  The final product will be available in six CD volumes.  The
Mission is planning to release the first two CDs on Udayavar
Thirunakshathram day.

Please contact Sri Vijayaraghavn Poondi at  or (732) - 287 -
9062 for any questions on accomadations or travel plans.

The Mission seeks your blessing, cooperation, and patronage in the on going
activities of the Mission.  Further information on this will be posted in
the near future.

Saravam Sri Krishnarpanamusthu
Nadadur MathavaDasan