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thirup pAvai - part 44 - Sarva sakthitthuvam and Irakkam

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Sat Jan 23 1999 - 04:18:34 PST

Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam

thirup pAvai - part 44 - Sarva sakthitthuvam and Irakkam

	Sri PV Pillai adds that "aRintha padiyE kAryam seykaikku 
sarva sakthi  Aka  vENum; ie Having known everything from  where
ever HE is, one must also execute HIS duty of protecting all  of
us from  whereever  HE  is and  HE  must do such protection with 
great ease. ie Sometimes  protection  is  the  toughest job that 
many cannot do it themselves. HE  must  do  such act very easily 
that which is impossible for others (other demigods).  By  doing 
so, it is said that our Lord possesses the kalyana guna known as 
sarva sakthithuvam. By using the word "kathir pOl mugatthAn", it
is said that our Lord has the capacity achieve whatever HE wants
and that the reference to "kathir" denotes his parAkrama. HE  is
the one with a face that is similar to the bright sun such  that
HE is full of superior "sakthi"  or  energy  that  prevades  the 
entire  universe. Thus,  His  sarva sakthitthuvam  is implied by 
referring to HIS ability to achieve anything as similar  to  the 
Sun. ie In tamil the word "kathir" or "sooryan" is often used to
refer to the "veRRi koLLum thanmai". 

	Sri PV  Pillai  further  delivers  that,  "sarva sakthan 
AnAlum ivan pakkam oNRum nacchAthu Ozhigaikku   avAptha samastha 
kAmanAga vENum";  ie., HE may the most powerful. But HE must  be 
one who doesnot expect any help or palan from anyone at anytime.
HE must be the "provider" and not the "taker". The  tamil   word
"kArmEmi" refers  to  HIS  nature  of  doing  "kAryAm"   without 
expecting any palan from anyone at anytime as  similar  to   the
clouds. So by being one who doesnot expect any "prayOjanam" from 
anyone HIS thirumEni is described as kArmEni and such imply  HIS
thiruk kalyana guna "avAptha samastha kAmatthuvam".
	Finally Sri PV pillai says that  "anAthi kAlam karmA anu gunamAga 
aRutthu   aRutthuth   theeRRugaikku karuviyAgap  pOntha  
ivai  rakshaNatthukku uRuppu agAikku irakkam vENum". ie HE  must
have  a  component  of "irakkam", mercy or daya such that HE can 
relieve all from the bondages of karma that has been accumulated 
for a very long time. This is again referred by the word "kathir
and kAr".  is., Sooryan is the   one  who  clears  the  external  
darkness and as similar  to  "kathir",  HE  is  the one who will 
clear the intrenal darkness that our AthmA is surrounded due  to
its  accumulated karmA. As similar to the "kAr" or clouds always 
have  sympathy and come down to pour its tears from the sky when
a good  soul  is  suffering.  It tenders  the hearts of many and 
thereby make them aware of the sufferings of  a  good  soul  and 
help saving them in someway. As similar to this, it is said that  
our Lord never waits for even a second to act when  HIS  adiyArs 
are  undergoing a trouble or suffering. It is said that HE   not  
only feels  for  HIS adiyArs plight but also rushes to save them 
atonce due to HIS infinite mercy as similar to "kAr" in "kArmEni".

	While doing the thirup pAvai  vyAkyAnam, it is  said  by 
our poorvAchAryAs that  these  thiruk  kalayAna  gunAs   are all 
addressed by Lord Sri Krishna in Srimad  bagawath  Geetha  while   
delivering   the   charama slOkam   itself. Hence it is expected
that Sri ANDAL would have somehow delivered  implicitly    about 
these thiruk kalyAna gunAs prior  to  addressing  Sri Krishna as 
the paratthuvam  in this  pAsuram. The inner meanings of charama 
slOkam is also addressed to  jivAtmAs in detail by the  AchAryas   
during  mantra upadEsam at the time of prapatti. 

Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sampath Rengarajan

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