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thirup pAvai - part 43 - swAmitthuvam and sarvagnyatthuvam

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Sat Jan 23 1999 - 04:14:09 PST

Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam

thirup pAvai - part 43 - swAmitthuvam and sarvagnyatthuvam

	It is also said that the words  "mathiyam pOl mugatthAn"
also indicate HIS sowlabyam. ie., HIS face is as similar to  the
mathiyam or HE is the one who has a face as similar to the moon,
brings one to think that one can easily view or see or have  the
darshan of the moon with a naked eye. 

	Sri PV	 Pillai  adds  "avan  aprApthan EnRu iRAyAmaikku 
swAmitthuvatthai anusanthikka vENum". ie., It seems there  is  a
small friendly competition between the surrendered  jivAtmA, the
prapanna and the Lord. The prapanna wants to  have  the  "Iswara  
prApthi" to serve the Lord eternally and enjoy the kainkaryam to
the divya dampathis as his own. While the  Eswaran  it  seems on 
the other hand, wants to have the Athma prApthi and is competing
with HIS  myth  to  somehow acquire  this  jivAthmA (that always 
belonged  to HIM)  so  that  HE can  enjoy  the company of  this 
surrendered  soul,  always  with HIM. It is said that HE finally  
wins as HE always enjoys the company of this surrenderd soul who 
was the baddha jivAtma and a chEthana. ie it  is  said  that the 
LORD  relishes  in  being  identified by prapannAs as "my Lord", 
while HE overwhelmingly claim and enjoy  the  possession  of all 
jivAtmAs all to HIMself by saying  "en  adiyAr".  By  possessing 
such gunA HE is addressed as one who is having swAmitthuvam.  

	By addressing the tamil word "chengan", it also   refers 
to swAmitthuvam. He is the swami who has  set  HIMself  to enjoy 
the company of all the prapannAs.  As Lord Sri RanganAthar HE is
waiting to enjoy the company of each and every jivAtmA  that  is
going to surrender to HIM. Such waiting and longing is  seen  in 
HIS red eyes.   

	Sri periya vAcchAn Pillai also delivered that, "Asrithar 
udaiya hithA hithangaL aRiyum  pOthaikku  sarvagnyan  Aka vENum; 
ie., HE knows everything all the time and there is nothing  that
HE may not know at any time. HE knows all these from where  ever
HE is. HE doesnot need to travel or be present physically  in  a
place such that HE must see and take a note of something that is 
happening  at a place. HE is ever alert and is aware of all  the
things that are happening in and around us as Sri Nrusimhan. ie,
the "(ever) awareness" is one of the charecteristics of Lord Sri Lakshmi 
NrusimhA.  The tamil words  "iLam singam, chegan for Sri Nrusimha and 
kathir pOl mugatthAn" imply HIM as  one  with  this  kalyana  guna  of 

Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sampath Rengarajan

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