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Errata on nAcciyAr tirumozhi kuyil 5 & 6 pasurams

From: Kalyani Krishnamachari (
Date: Fri Jan 22 1999 - 13:55:39 PST

namaskAram!  Please note the replacements for the lines marked
with ^^^^.

      pASuram 5.5 (fifth tirumozhi - pAsuram 5 men-naDai annam)

SrI PVP posed the following question to SrI na~njIyar:  
(SrI nampiLLai posed the following question to SrI na~njIyar:)  

"In the previous pASuram ANDAL laments that she is 
suffering because she is not able to get the tONi 
called SrIvaikunTham - vaikunTham enbadu Or tONi perAdu

      pASuram 5.6 (fifth tirumozhi - pAsuram 6 ettiSaiyum amarar)

tattuvanai - tattuvan here refers to His being the sole
reason for her existence.  This is why she is asking the
kuyil to go and invite Him even though He is tormenting her
by not revealing Himself to her.  In this context SrI PVP
refers to a conversation between him and SrI na~njIyar from
(refers to a conversation between SrI nampiLLai and SrI na~njIyar from)

an incident in SrImad rAmAyaNa.  The question he posed to
na~njIyar was "How come sIta was just shedding tears when
she was shown the fictitious head of Lord rAma by rAvaNa,
and how was it that her life did not depart on seeing
rAma's severed head?".  

Thanks Mani, for pointing out that the lineage is:

Ramanuja-Embaar-Parasara Bhattar-Nanjiyar-Nampillai-PVP ...

and that "PVP would have been too young to have carried on a 
lengthy discussion with nampiLLai" and also thanks Varadan, for
confirming this with SrI puttUr swAmi's explanation of 
SrI PVP's vyAkyAnam.  SrI PVP says in these two vyAkyAnams:
"nAn kEttEn" which translates to "I asked nanIyar", but SrI 
puttUr swAmy explains this as "nampiLLai nanjIyaraik kETTAr"
(nampiLLai asked nanjIyar).

Due to my ignorance on the lineage and also on the way to interpret
SrI PVP's vyAkyAnams, I had posted them as SrI PVP asking SrI nanjIyar.
I now understand the lineage issue, but I am still not comfortable 
with the way of interpreting the vyAkyAnam.  

I apologize for any mistakes I make in interpreting SrI PVP.

kalyani Krishnamachari