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thirup pAvai - part 42 - sowlabyan and sowseelyan

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Fri Jan 22 1999 - 05:18:51 PST

Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam

thirup pAvai - part 42 - sowlabyan and sowseelyan 

	Sri  PV   Pillai  delivers further  that  "mEnmai  kaNdu  
iRAyAmaikku sowseelyatthai anusanthikka vENum". ie., It is  said
that the Lord doesnot see for who is a small person and who is a
big person in their stature. HE simply mixes with  everyone  and 
according  to  each one's pakkuvam and stature. ie HE mixes with 
everyone in such a   way  that they  donot  feel  any  differnce 
between them and HIM. HE also makes   HIMself   feasible so that 
everyone can enjoy HIS company in their own capacities.  HE  has 
such gunam that is called as sowseelyam. 

	Sri  PV  Pillai  mentions  that,   "atheenthriyan   enRu  
iRAyAmaikku  sowlabyatthai  anusanthikka  vENum". ie., There are
places like Sri parama patham  that even demigods  cannot  reach  
that easily. In fact they go to HIS vyUkam  ie  thirup  pARkadal  
everytime they have a problem that they need HIS help to fix  so
they can survive. But everyone is  not  a  demigod.  Due  to HIS 
compassion Our Lord took other incarnations and as well  becomes
arcchA murthy (Sri RanganAthan, Sri namperumAL, Sri malOlan  and 
Sri Oppiliappan and so on) such that we all have an easy  access 
to HIM. ie HE is always  staying   in   our   presence  and  the  
proximity to reach HIM is near and made simple. It is upto us to
worship HIM in these nearby temples that we can access easily in 
this jivAtma swaroopam. 

	While addressing the Lord as yasOdhai  iLam  singam  HIS
sowseelyam is addressed. Sri yasOdhai thought this  is  HER  own 
son and she will mete out all kinds of punishment when she feels
necessary.  Immediately   after  that, due to her pEthai  nenjam 
she will cry loudly and will rush to hug HIM and love HIM as HIS
mother. It is our lord's sowseelyam that HE made HIMself as this
naughty son of this milk maid (idaicchi) Sri yasOdhai  such that 
she thought HE is  in  her level  ie as her own Son while  HE is 
the sarva swAmi HImself. ie, the  Lord  mixed  HIMself  so  much 
easily with yasOdhai and appeared to her as  HER  son.  

	By  saying   Sri "nandagOpan  kumaran"  HIS sowlabyam is  
addressed. ie., it seems whenever Sri   nandagOpan  the "idayan" 
or milk man calls  out  Sri Krishna HE will immediately  respond  
to such call and present HIMself  in  front  of  Sri NandagOpan.  
This is a directive from a father to  the  son. It  is said that 
each time the mother tries to beat HIM  or give a punishment the 
father intervenes many times to relieve HIM and give HIM a great 
big papa hug. Due to such  overriding  Sri  Krishna  always  has 
expressed HIMself very  closer  to HIS  father.  After each such 
occasion   HE  had reciprocated with HIS obedience to HIS father 
and such  is displayed by the quick reporting time each time  HE 
has been called for.  Though Sri  Krishna  is "para  deivam"  in 
Sri parama  patham amd gOlOkam, due to HIS sowlabyam HE presents 
HIMself each  time when  HE  is called  by  HIS father Sri nanda  
gOpan.  This  is  the reason as to  why many  of the Sri Krishna 
bhajans  often  has HIS thiru nAmam or holy name  addressed  and  
repeated several  times  as  Sri nanda lAlA.

Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sampath Rengarajan

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