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thirup pAvai - part 41 - sarvEswaran and HIS vAthsalyam

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Fri Jan 22 1999 - 05:16:45 PST

Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam

thirup pAvai - part 41 - sarvEswaran and HIS vAthsalyam 
	Sri periya vAcchAn pillai delivers that  "than   dhOsham  
kaNdu   iRAyAmaikku   vAthsalyatthai  anusanthikka  vENum;" ie.,
On the very same day when a cow delivers its calf, it seems  the
body fluids that comes along with calf is somewhat considered as 
a dirt or azhukku or  something  to  be  cleaned.  However,  the 
mother cow consider such fluids as a bOgyam and consumes  it  by
licking the body of the newborn  and  makes  the  newborn's skin 
little bit clean, dry and thereby making it adaptable to the new 
atmosphere as soon as  possible.  It   is  said  that  our  lord 
considers our dhOshams as HIS bOgyam and cleanses it due to  HIS

	Sri PV Pillai  adds  that,  "itthaniyum  uNdAnAlum  than 
pERAgak kAryam seyyum pOthaikku sarva sAmiyAga vENum." ie. It is 
said that Our lord is the Eswaran for all the demigods  and  all
others as well. Everyone prays to HIM and derives  their  powers  
from HIM to do their assigned duties. Many times they stray from
what  they  are assigned for and assume that they are themselves 
the Lord. This is due to the Sri  Vishnu  mAyA  surrounding them 
all the time. In such a time the are rendered powerless and they
cannot  fulfill  their  task.  It is said that our Lord  who  is 
the emperor  always  thinks about the welfare  of HIS prajais or 
subjects  and  rush  to  deliver them the help and execute tasks
that  others are unable to do. HE does such task as if it is HIS
own. By doing so HE always make them feel that HE is one of them.
Such nature is known as sarva sAmitthuvam. 

	It is said that these two kalyAna gunAs are expressed in
the word "chengaN". ie., His anbu or love and affection for  the
jivAtmAs to help them (being aware of the plight of HIS subjects
as the rAja or King, Sri Lukshmi NrusimhA's eyes are red all the 
time)  makes  HIM  constantly  look at HIS prajais  or  subjects
such that  HIS  eyes  become red and the Lord with such eyes  is 
thus   addressed  as  one who has chengAn or one who is with the 
kalyAna gunam vAthsalyam. HE being Lord Sri RanganAtha  (kArmEni
chengaN) HE is the emperor and presides  over  all  the demigods  
in  HIS kingdom. ie., by  addressing  the word chengan we ensure 
that this kArmEni is Sri RanganAthA HIMself, who is the  emperor 
for all demigods  and  is  the one  and only "sarva swAmi". Thus 
by addressing HIS  chengaN  sarva  swAmithuvam  is  addressed as 

Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sampath Rengarajan

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