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Ekaangis and Sanyaasis

From: venkat (
Date: Fri Jan 22 1999 - 11:33:22 PST

 "Shree Bhoomi Neela Sametha Shri Lakshmi Nrusimha Parabramanaeya Namaha"

Dear Baagavadhothamaas

There are intresting views that are being disussed in the list about sanyaasis 
ekaangis etc...

Few summarised here where..... adiyen have an entirely different view..

But we have to accept the fact that Sanyasins are beyond the defination
of Varnashrama. Sanyasins cannot be divided as Brahmanas or Sudras.

>>> Do "Sanyaasis" have  "VARNASHRAMA" dharmaa?? Dont they have to follow 
"VARNSHRAMA DHARMA" ...wld be the immedeite question that wld arise...

Adiyen is not sure about "VARNA ASHRAMA" Dharmas to be followed by a a Non 
Bramhin Sanyaasi..(This may give bring up an objection here `cos one of the 
Bagavadhothamaas feel that sanyaasis dont have any Varna at all)

Adiyen wld luv to bring up to the notice of Baagavadhothamaas that there is a 
master piece called "YATHI DHARMA SAMUCHAYAM" (by Yadhava Prakaashaa)....which 
many in the list may be aware of..this work deals with various Dhramaas 

ISKCON Sanyaasis Adiyen heard are seriously considering this work to implement 
this in their system...and even few Shri prominent Shri Vaishnavite Vidhwaans 
were approached regarding this.... to get acopy of this work which adiyen 
believe is out of print (or not printed at all??)..

Sanyaasis indeed follow "Ashrama" dharmaas infact it is been stated that this 
"Sanyaasa ashramaa" is held in very high regard.

And these dharmaas also depend on what Varna they are..


Adiyen humbly feel that this term  "Yekaangi" sanyaasi also have another 
meaning (if not the explantion given) Adiyen is not very sure about this pls do 
correct adiyen if adiyen is wrong..

Who is an "Yekaangi" Sanyaasi??
An "Yekaangi Sanyaasi" is one who covers himself with not more than "SINGLE 
PIECE" of cloth or that is he uses only one piece of cloth on his body with 
which he covers himself...the cloth is long enough to cover his whole body..

Pls recall this term "ekambereswarar" (if this cld help) and Thikambara 
Sanyaasis (jain sanyaasis)

Let adiyen bring up few codes that are practised ...

A Shri Vaishnavaite Sanyaasi doesnt shave his head completely.Neither he gives 
up his "Yagnopavitham" ("Poonul") nor does he gives away his Karmanushtaanaas 
like Sandhyavandhanam.

Nir-Visesha Adhvaithi Sanyaasis (Viz kamakoti sankrachaaryaas) who are called 
as "YekaanGis" shave their head and give away their "Poonul" but they perform 
their "Karmaanushtaanaas" and most importantly "Ashtaakshara" japam....

This Adiyen feel wld explain Adiyen's little understanding of the subject 

There are many other issues that surely needs to be disussed about corellating 
azhaawrs and sanyaasam..

Adiyen really donot know how many AAzhwars were Sanyaasis..
Pls note that a Gruhasthaa can also lead a life like a Sanyaasi in the sense 
that he can be with that much of "Vairaagyam"...

There had been many classic examples of such great personalities which many 
Baagavadhothamaas in the list know.
Does one need to be a Sanyaasi to enquire in to Bramhan?? or to be 
an"AAcharyaa"?? ...

Further questions and explanations and argumensts wld surely throw light on 
this issue..

Dhaasanu Dhaasan
Venkataraghava Dhaasan