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Re: proselytization and srivaishnavism

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Wed Jan 20 1999 - 20:19:55 PST

> could it be possible to bestow
> brahminhood upon one that wasn't so born ...

According to our acharyas, as well as most orthodox schools
of Vedanta, the brahminhood that entitles one to undergo
the samskAras of upanayana, etc., is based on birth. As 
elaborated by other writers on this list, however, the
theory is that this caste division does not imply inequality
in respect given, or inequality in the eyes of the Lord,
but merely a distribution of duties. Here, the duty of the 
brahmin is to study and propagate the Veda.

The issue of caste has been discussed many times on
this list before, and usually ends up degenerating 
into a heated debate, without much resolution. 

Therefore, I strongly request group members to not
take this issue much further and move to other topics.
Caste can be debated and discussed endlessly; such
debates usually do not have much philosophical content.  
Those who are still interested in this issue may want to 
look into the archives, where many people have written 
their opinions on this subject.