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Andal/Renganatha Tirukalyanam utsavam at HTCS

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Jan 20 1999 - 15:30:00 PST

Dear Sri Govindarajan :
I am delighted to hear about the celebration
of the ThriukkalyANa MahOthsavam of 
Sri ANDAL and Sri Ranganaatha PerumAL 
at the Balaji temple at Bridgewater , NJ .

Since many aasthikAs would like to hear about 
the details of this celebration for adaptation
at their own local temples , I am copying them
on your note . They would enjoy reading about 
this lovely celebration . Hopefully , next year ,
we can celebrate this auspicious uthavam 
at Sri RanganAthA temple at Pomona , NY as well
with the SaraNya dampathi's anugrahams .
Thanks very much for the update on the Uthsavam .
Best wishes ,

>Date: Tue, 19 Jan 99 13:28:11 EST
>From: (T R Govindarajan)
>Subject: Andal/Renganatha Tirukalyanam utsavam at HTCS
>Sri. Sadagopan:
>We had Andal/Sri. Renganatha Tirukkalyana Utsavam on last Saturday at 4.15 p.m.
>This is the first one after Samprokshanam of temple in June 1998. The Manager
>Sri. Chalapathy Sarma was very kind enough to let us celebrate the Kalayana 
>Utsavam in a traditional manner with Nagaswaram and recitation of Natchiar 
>Tirumozhi (VAraraNa Mayiram) by all of us, with exchange of cocoanuts, and the 
>throwing of flower balls. 
>We could not bring Andal and Sri. Ranaganatha deities on a
>palanquin as we did not make arrangement earlier. From the next year onwards,
>we can arrange to have Homams in the new temple during the Kalayana Utsavam.
>It started with a procession of Seer varisai with Nagaswaram. 
>The priests, Sri. Lakshmana bhattar and Sri. Gopalacharya took the side of
>bridegroom and bride respectively, both performed very well. Thanks are due
>to the priest, Sri. Gopalacharya who narrated the events in Telugu in detail,
>and Gothra Pravaram by Sri. Lakshmana bhattar, and Sri. Gopal Lakshmanan who
>gave a mini-talk on Andal and Tiruppavai before the Kalyana Utsavam;  Sri.
>Lakshmanan also explained the significance of reciting VAraNa Mayiram during
>Kalyanam. Sri. Lakshmanan bhattar relayed the feeling of Sri. Renganatha
>and Andal Kaipidithal by tying flower garland between fingers of the two 
>deities. We used your vivid detail of explanations for VaraNamayiram provided 
>on bhakti-post in April 1998.