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Fw: sakkarai pongal, Triplicane, etc

From: Murali Vanamamalai (
Date: Wed Jan 20 1999 - 10:07:30 PST

I sent this and it friday and it did not go'thru for some reason. So please
pardon if this is a duplicate.

>I thought I will add my 2 cents.
>The sakkarai pongal usually is not prepared with milk. Only on koodaravalli
>we add milk as per Andal's  pasuram. Also we(in Triplicane) try to  eat
>others (neighbours, close relatives etc. ,) because of the same reason
>"koodi Erunthu kulirnthelor Embavai"
>Yes we also have the habit of making thayisadham on "karavaigal", because
>have to go after "karavaigal pin chenru Kaanam sernthunbom"
>We even try to go to some place with groups of people and have fun. But not
>As far I know Arjuna is not present in Triplicane Temple(I am NO
>But you are close, Balaraman, Pradyumnan, Aniruddhan and Saatyuki are all
>there in the same sannithi with Sri Rukmani Sametha Sri Venkatakrishnan and
>Sri Parthasarathy Perumal.
>As soon as you enter the main entrance After  Dvajasthambam, if you make a
>right and another right on the wall there is huge picture of all the 5
>Pandavas. (Not sure if this is still there).
>There is a sculpture of the Gitopadesam Chariot and Lord Sri Krishna
>offering the Sri Bagavatgita to Arjuna on the main gopuram above Sri
>Parthasarathi Perumal.  Even though this gopuram(Anada Vimanam) is
>new once in 1975 and again 1993, I remeber to have seen this even prior to
>1975. This sculpture can be best viewed from the North  prakaram in front
>Andal Sannithi.
>Once some of the learned scholars in Triplicane joined together and
>requested the fit person of the temple and made a Thirukolam (vesham) for
>Sri Parthasarathy Utsavar. What they did was like a Chariot and with 4
>horses (borrowed from Suriya prabhai) Then                          Sri
>Parthasarathy is the chariotier and one of the Ubhaya Nachiyar was
>as Arjuna  and my parents may have a picture. This was done only one time
>(never before, never after)
>As you have darshan of Sri Andal in the temple and walk straight,  on  to
>your left you can see many sceneries from  the Pandava, Kaurava War, This
>also very old and they are partly engraved on the wall and painted. So it
>appears that this is not as old as the stone sculptures.
>1) Why and when did the habit of offering sakkarai
>   pongal as prasadam on koodaarai vellum day
>   get started? Andal does not mention sakkarai pongal
>   in her paasuram, nor does she even mention pongal
>   (just paal sOru with ney).
>2) Is it universal among Sri Vaishnavas to prepare
>   puLiyOgarai on "maalE maNivaNNaa" day (day before
>   koodaarai vellum) and thayir saadham on "karavaigaL"
>   (day after koodaarai vellum)?
>Unrelated questions:
>3) Is Arjuna present inside Sri Parthasarathy Swami sannidhi
>   in Tiruvallikkeni? Are there any other divya desams where
>   Arjuna is present with Krishna?
>4) Does anyone know if there are old sculptures of
>   Krishna doing Gita upadesam to Arjuna in any of our
>   temples?