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thirup pAvai - part 40 - "the most suitable bride groom"

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Wed Jan 20 1999 - 04:16:52 PST

thirup pAvai - part 40 -  "saravEwaran,  the most suitable bride 
groom or mAppiLLai"

Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam

Dear bAgawathAs,

	Having talked about jivAtma pakkuvam, AchArya thatthuvam 
and mantra  upadEsam,  this prakraNam or part should  have dealt 
that our sarvEswaran is the only Siddha upAyam. ie.,  As  a flow 
of thought we would have expected that once one has the pakkuvam 
and receives the mantra upadEsam  from an AchArya, they are told 
that sarvEswaran will  stand as "siddhO upAyam" and deliver them 
mOksham. But Such has not been conveyed explicitly in this line.
However, where else She (Sri ANDAL) has explicitly conveyed  the 
prerequisites  For getting mOksham as well,  prior to  this line 
such that  one  can  expect her now to  state the  siddha  upAya 
swaroopam in detail ? It is said that the  expectation is raised 
even more seriously in the minds of us when   we  know  that she 
suddenly address the para  thatthuvam  in   the   next  line  as  
"nArAyanaNE". So, it is  normal to expect such a direct  address 
of  HIS  thiruk  kalyAna  guNas  prior  to  addressing  HIS para 
thatthuvam. ie This  name  is such an  asAthArana  name and that 
one maynot want to  address  it  without  any  prefix.  However, 
instead of  such deliverance, She goes onto say that "kAr mEnich  
chengaN kathir mathiyam pOl mugatthAn" as a sequel to the events  
in  "nOnbu"  and  address  such  to  the Aaychiars  (symbolising 

	The  vyAkyAna  karthAs  are  not  content  with  minimal 
vyAkyAnams and so we dig in here to find out more on this patham. 
The  inner  meaning of this line  is such that by  stating these 
external beauties of the Lord the innate thiruk  kalayANa  gunAs 
of  the Lord  that  are  instrumentnal for HIM in keeping HIM as 
the siddO upAyam are addressed  here.  It is already said in the 
earlier parts that certain thiru kalyAna gunAs  are  represented 
by her addressing HIS thiru muga maNdaLam or face.  However,  we  
try  to understand   even  more from the poorvAchAryAs vyAkyAnam 
on  this to understand  about  HIS   thiru  kalyAna  gunAs  that  
forms  the nature for HIM such  that  HE  stands  as  the siddha 

	In order for us to attain the "siddhO upAyam" it is said 
by our poorva AchAryAs that the   provider (the Lord is the only 
provider as  we  all  know)  must  have  vAthsalyam, swAmithvam, 
sowseelyam and sowlabyam as His  gunAs that provide in His being 
the siddhO upAya. And the provider of mOksham must  have nyAnam, 
sakthi,   avAptha   samastha   kAmathvam,   sarva   swAmithuvam,  
irakkam (dayA or mercy) for  granting mOksham.  

	This  is similar to saying to the Aaychiars that the our 
"mAppiLLai" or bride groom is a very enterprising person and "HE
is capable of dong so many  things  and  that HE is good in this 
and that and HE is very versatile etc. So, HE  will get you what 
all you wish for in your life and will keep  you extremely happy 
all throughout your life if you get married to HIM. If you  want
to live your rest of the life happy  HE  is the  only  qualified 
one who can make it  happen  and  hence  HE is  the  way (siddhO 
upAyam) to go.".

Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam 
Sampath Rengarajan  

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