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Re: Appeal: Injimettu Azhagiyasingar thirunakshattram

From: Anand Karalapakkam (
Date: Tue Jan 19 1999 - 16:20:42 PST

Srimate Sri Lakshminrusimha Parabrahmane namaha
Sri Kanakavalli nAyikA samEtha Sri VeerarAghava -
ParabrahmanE namaha
Sri SrIvaNN SatakOpa Sri Sriranga SatakOpa -
Yateendra mahAdesikAya namaha
Sri Lakshminrusimha Divya pAdukA sEvaka SrivaNN SatakOpa -
Sri nArAyaNa Yateendra mahAdesikAya namaha

Dear devotees,
namO nArAyaNA. pranAmams.

 Thanks to Sri Sadagopan for kindly writing an excellent set of
  postings on Srimad Injimettu Azhagiyasingar. The Brahma Uttsavam
  at tiru evvuL divya dEsam continues till 23rd Jan and Srimad
  Azhagiyasingar is personally present there.

  So, those who wish to support the celebrations can still pledge
  before 23rd Jan and send the check issued to "Sri Ahobila
  Muth". This is just a reminder to those who wish to contribute.
  thanks a lot in advance for your kind support.

  adiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan
  ananthapadmanAbha dAsan
<  previously posted >

  This appeal is regarding the 10 day celebration of the tirunakshattram

  of Srimad Injimettu Azhagiyasingar, commencing on 13th Jan at
  Tiru evvuL Divya dEsam. Current Azhagiyasingar will personally
   direct the final  5 days of the celebration . Daily vEda prabandha
   pArAyanam, thadi ArAdhanam etc will be taking place. Three
   uttsavams for rAghavan also comes in between.

  The overall cost is estimated to be 5 lakh ruppees. adiyEn's father
   Sri K.G.Krishnan requested for Rs.50,000 ( $1250) from us.
  There are lots of  intimate connection between Injimettu
   Azhagiyasingar and thiru evvuL divya dEsam. Infact, His
   brundAvanam is at Thiru evvuL divya dEsam only.

   Our most dear Sri Sadagopan has close link to Srimad Injimettu
   Azhagiyasingar and knows lots and lots (as usual) about
   this great mahAn and has kindly agreed to write an article
   addressing this issue .

   All those who are  willing to support this celebration  can kindly
  pledge to adiyEn + send a copy to Sri Dileepan . Checks can be
  issued in favor of  "Sri Ahobila Muth" and sent to Sri Dileepan
  1908, Preswood Drive, Hixon, TN 37343, and avail tax

   Kindly make the pledges before 16th ( 17th being the actual
   thirunakshattram). That amount will be intimated to Sri K.G.
   Krishnan at chennai who will contribute from his pocket.

   Anyone who feels that they are indebted to the great avatAra
   purushar incarnated during a bahudAnya varsham are kindly
   requested to contribute with love  to support the grand
   celebration of  His thirunakshattram. We know that merely
   the money we give  is not that will please the AchAryA, rather
   the loving feeling with which we contribute (even 5 dollars) is
   the thing that matters the most.

   Thanks for your support in advance. Thanks in advance to
   Sri Sadagopan for kindly accepting to write an article and
   make us all benifited immensely.