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From: Narayanan Seshadri (nseshadr_at_Legato.COM)
Date: Mon Jan 18 1999 - 12:13:23 PST


Namaskarams. I am Narayanan and I am living in Sunnyvale, California.
Though this is my first posting in this group I have heard a lot about
this group through my friends Vijay Triplicane and mani.

My native is ThiruIndhalur and I lived in Thirukkudanthai for 20 years.
I am Sriperumpudur appan Venkatachar's sishyan. I am in the process of
collecting a list of his sishyas in this forum. If you are one, please
send a mail to me.

I will make a seperate post on my recent visit to Kumbakonam and the
Sarangapani Swami temple's thiruppani work. 

rAmAnuja DAsan