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Sakkarai Pongal and Triplicane

From: T.V.Venkatesh (
Date: Sun Jan 17 1999 - 21:15:09 PST

                                  SrimathE NArAyaNAya namahA

With regards to Sri Mani's question on Sakkarai Pongal and 
Triplicane, my two cents worth are as follows :-

Regarding the Sakkarai Pongal on "KoodArai vellum" day, as pointed 
out by Mani, "Paal sORu" is actually not Sakkarai Pongal. It is 
called "ksheerAnnam" ( "ksheeram"-milk, "annam"- rice). Actually 
still in Triplicane, on "KoodArai vellum" day, ksheerannam is made. 
However, it is a costly affair. So only if any sponsorer is there, 
then, "ksheeraannam" is made, otherwise, the less costly, Sakkarai 
Pongal. My understanding may also be wrong. But the information that 
I have given here is what I heard from our locals.

Regarding Arjuna in ThiruvallikkENi koil, there is no vigraham of 
Arjuna in the Koil. PerumAL is seen here with his own family, 
Sathyaki, Balarama, Aniruddhan and Pradyumnan of course along with 

adiyEn RAmAnuja dAsan,

Thirumalai Vinjamoor Venkatesh

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