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Re: nature of our faith

From: V. Srimahavishnu (
Date: Sun Jan 17 1999 - 10:34:13 PST

        Dear BhAgavatas,
Please accept my humble praNAmams. 
               Though I am not qualified to comment on anything, for I am
not a samaSrEthA(initiated SV), I would like to write a few things as a
person interested in SrI VaishNavism and its history.    
               I don't subscribe to the claim that sanskrit is a language
of (Indo) european origin.This is as per the history written by
Britishers.Their Aryan-Dravidian theory was rejected by many people and
this forms the basis for RSS ideology that Indians are one race.Hence, I
am unable to agree with SrI Sreenath Chakravarthy that PiLLai
lOkAchAryar's disciplic succession was called "Ten"kalai because they
preferred Tamil and that of VEdAnta DESikar called "Vada"kalai for their
preferring sanskrit,for this theory was not known in those days.
              The differences in the philosophies of SrImAns DESikar and
lOkAchAriar might also be due to the communication gap between them during
the period of Muslim invasion.As most of us know, lOkAchAryar went to
Tirumalai with utsavar of arangan and DESikar to some other place(which
place?) with Srutha PrakASikA(author?) and a few other things(what were
they?).There SrI DESikar composed his famous AbhIti stavam and Muslim
invaders were finally driven away from SrIrangam in a few years.
           To a neophyte like me, Mother lakshmI is JaganmAtA(MAtA mE
JAnakI dEvI PitA dEvO RaghUttamah).If She is called aNu but She really
happens to be Vibhu or vice versa,I don't think She will  mind it, for She
is my
Mother and eternal servant of emberumAn(irrspective of Her aNutvam or
         Regarding TirumaN, I observed the following things after visting
a few temples in A.P. and SrI RangjI Mandir,Vrindavan,U.P..
         TirumaNs of PerumAL are alike in case of the first three
Agama-kalai combinations and only in case of the fourth one there is a
     Temaple Agamam      AchArya ParamparA of  araiyars of the temple
 1.  VaikhAnasa                    Tengalai
                           eg:GOvindarAja temple of Tirupati
 2.  VaikhAnasa                    Vadagalai eg:?
 3.  PAncharAtra                   Vadagalai eg:?
 4.  PAncharAtra                   Tengalai      
                           eg:BhadrAchalam(A.P.),RangjI Mandir of
 Kindly correct my mistakes.
                                            JAYA JAYA RAGHUVEERA
                                            adiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan
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