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Re: Venkatesan Santhanam's plea

From: Srinath Chakravarty (
Date: Fri Jan 15 1999 - 17:39:10 PST

  On Thu, 14 Jan 1999, Venkatesan wrote:

  Dear Bhagavathas:

  My name is Venkatesan Santhanam. I would like to know whether any
  Bhagavathas of Sriman Naryanan are around the Portland Oregan area.
  There are no temples and no good association here. Am I really alone 
  here. My heart searches for someone who would give me an association
  in the direction of Piratti and Perumal. Please help if you know

Dear Venkatesan:

  I can empathize with your situation.  I lived up in Portland OR for
the last two years, and felt this lack of cultural ambience very much.
Having moved to Dallas TX recently, I have been able to meet fellow
members of NAMA and commiserate with them on matters of mutual interest 
and I am grateful to God for this opportunity.  However I do
travel to Portland frequently [since my relocation is incomplete]; as
a matter of fact I will be there between 22 and 25 Jan'99.  I would
very much like to meet you at that time; you may either send me email
or call me locally at (503) 666-3360.  I look forward to seeing you
in person.  I missed one of the best opportunities to meet fellow
bhaktas during the NAMA conference in Dallas at the end of December
last year because I was on travel.  Now I have an opportunity to meet
one of you in Portland OR, and I sincerely hope we can get in touch.
Unfortunately I am not able to tell you of any religious associations
or temples in that area which I am aware of.  Some of my relatives are
there over on the west side [Beaverton, etc.] and perhaps they would
know more.  In any event, I hope to hear from you.


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