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Two Items

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Fri Jan 15 1999 - 12:45:57 PST

Dear BhakthAs :

1 . One of our dear members had the following 
query addressed to me . I have coverd this 
subject in my January , 1996 posting , which is
archived in the Bhakthi list archives .
Others , who might be interested 
in this topic are welcome to refer to it.

2 . I am delighted to read the posting from
Sri MadhavakkaNNan on his plans to cover
kaliyan"s P{eriya Thirumozhi.

It is most welcome news in the context 
of the efforts to publicize the greatness 
and beauty of our Divya prabhandhams referred to
in Sri Mani VaradarAjan's posting .

Srimathi KrishnamAchAri , Sriman Sampath Rengarajan 
are bringing us insights in to ANDAL's aruLiccheyalkaL 
in addition to Sri Mani VaradarAjan's own efforts related 
arumpadha URai on individual paasurams of ThiruppAvai .
Sri MadhavakkaNNan has completed his coverage 
of ThiruvAimozhi and Naanmuhan ThiruvanthAdhi .
Hopefully ,we will have the rest of the prabhandhams
covered gradually for the sake of completeness .
We need these postings at numbe rof levels to
reach people at many levels .

I am delighted to hear that Sri Thirumalai ANDAn Varadhan
will soon start a Kaimkaryam on the most significant
Prabhandham of Madhura Kavi AzhwAr . This is a 
kathavya Prathignai on his part and it can not be
more timely inview of the emphasis 
on AchArya Nishtai by Sri Madhura Kavi AzhwAr. 
Regarding the other 5 Prabhandhams of Kaliyan ,
individual postings on them are archived in 
the Bhakthi List archives.The dates
for your reference are :

January 6 ,1996: part 1&2 : ThiruvEzhkURRIrukkai
January 6&7,1996: Thirumangai VedupaRi
January 7 : ThiruvEZhukURRirukkai 
January 20,1996: PeRiya Thirumadal
Jan 21, 1996: SiRiya Thirumadal
Jan 21,1996: Thirumangai AruLiccheyal : Part 3.1
Feb 1,2&3,1996 : ThirukkurumthANDakam & NedumthANDakam
March 27,1996: SiRiya Thirumadal
March 30,1996 : Thirumangai NinthA sthuthi in Thirumadal
                and Elsewhere .
February 27,199: Thirumangai's paasurams on Sri VenkatEsan

NaarAyaNa , NarAyaNa , NaarAyaNa ,
Oppiliappan Koil VaradachAri SadagOpan     

Following attachment relates to Item 1:
> I came to know the Upanishhads being categorised the following:
>mukhya upanishhad
>vaishnava upanishhad
>sa.nnyaasa upanishhad
>shaiva upanishhad
>saamaanya upanishhad
>yoga upanishhad
>shaakta upanishhad
>Are there any more? Also, please elaborate on Saamaanya, Shaakta, 
>if possible few words on all of them.