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From: partha (
Date: Thu Jan 14 1999 - 23:17:32 PST


Dear bAgawathAs,

I am a newcomer to this latest and an ignoramus on many things
concerning our own sampradayam. I am thrilled to see the scholarly
discourses and explanataions which are available in this mailing list. I
have a lot to learn from you all.

As is expected of any new member in any community, I present myself. My
poorvigam can be traced to a tiny village called DUSI near Kanchipuram,
just across the Paalaar. I am settled in Hyderabad, now on a visiting
assignment in a German University. My webpage gives more personal

I saw two questions in the latest Bhakti Digest concerning Parthasarathy
perumaal. I have two more related questions:

1. Everyone knows the origin  of the name Partha + sarathy. Why does the
name Partha (prthasya putra) apply only to Arjuna, and not to other
Kunti putras ? Why did the Lord choose to address only Arjuna this way ?

2. Since Lord Krihna gave the Gita upadesaam to Arjuna, he can be
considered to be the guru of Arjuna. What Guru-dakshinai did Arjuna give
to Krishna ?  Is there any mention of such a guru-dakshinai being given
by Arjuna, any where in any scriptures ?

Please help me by clearing my above queries.

Adiyen daasan,

Srinivasan Parthasarathy

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