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Re: Chicago adhyayana utsavam

From: Ramesh Sarangapani (
Date: Wed Jan 13 1999 - 16:18:02 PST

Dear Friends -

I would like to join Mohan Sagar in thanking
Srimans Varadhan, Raghavan, Krishnamachari, Ranganathan,
Smt Chitra Madhavan a host of others in organizing the 
AdhyayanOtsavam at the SV temple in Chicago.

It was adiyEn first trip to this temple and the first
association with the chicago based bhagavathas. Even so,
from day one adiyEn felt as if adiyEn was in the company of
family members. Such was the hospitality extended to
adiyEn by these bhagavathas. Unfortunately, adiyEn could
not spend all the eight days with them.

It was a priviledge to be part of the divya prabandham
goshti that was headed by Varadhan mama, Raghavan mama
and Krishnamachari mama. AdiyEn is a nEchan and do 
deserve to have been a part of this goshti, but Srinavasa
perumal in His infinite mercy had blessed me with this
opportunity. AdiyEn hopes to have this opportunity
every year and wish the organizers of this utsavam ever
greater success in the coming years.

Here I should would also like to mention and thank
Smt. Raghavan, Krishnamachari, Manjula Sriram, 
and few other people (i apologize for not 
remembering their names) who did madapalli-kainkaryam
and ensured all the bhagavathas received prasadam in time.

Namo Narayana

adiyEn raamanuja daasan