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" SiRRam SiRu kAlE Vanthunnai Sevitthu " ThiruppAvai Dinam : Part 1

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Jan 13 1999 - 07:02:24 PST

Dear BhakthAs of SooDikkoduttha NaacchiyAr :

In the above qunitessential paasuram , GodhA pirAtti 
sums up the entire message of ThiruppAvai with
the declaration : " unthannODu uRROmEyAvOm ,
UnakkE naamAtc CheyvOm , MaRRai namm KaamangaL
maaRRElOrempAvAi ". Let us pray today with
utmost humility to one of our great AchAryAs ,
who blessed the puNya BhUmi of BhAratham 
in a BahudhAnya samvathsaram .This great AchAryA 
followed all his life the above upadEsam of
SooDikkoduttha NaacchiyAr and showed us
the way for our ujjIvanam .

The following slOkam of SevA Swaami on 
the significance of his year of birth ,
BahudhAnya , will put the subject of 
this posting in excellent perspective :

BahudhAnya samruddhOyam
BahudhAnya vimardhanAth I
BahudhAnya Ramaa sEvI
GururnyAsa krushIvala: II

(Meaning ) : The The auspicious AchAryA , 
Swami Sri Desikan is an agriculturalist , who
grows the crop celebrated as NyAsam . He is
an expert in raising this crop of BahudhA
anyam( very differnet from other crops) of nyAsam 
or prapatthi .He gave the blessings resulting from
this crop to the world and became krutha kruthyar. 
Further, he pointed out the deficiencies of 
other mathams and established the greatness of 
Sri VishishtAdvaitham .He is the one , who 
devoted his life to the worship of BhaudhAnya SvarUpi,
Sri MahA lakshmi and became the object of
Her anugraham .( Our PirAtti's purushakAram is
vital for our success in getting the phalan of 
our nyAsam .DhAnya lakshmi is improtant 
for an agriculturalist .This is the inner meaning ).      

On this BahudhAnya Marghazhi KrishNa Paksha EkAdasi day , 
when Anusha Nakshathram ( AchArya Naathamuni's )
is in ascendance , I would like to offer my humble 
salutations to this great AchAryA of Ahobila Matam 
AasthAnam . No day can be better than today 
to think about and seek his blessings for the 
lasting boons that he conferred on the Sri Vaishnavaa 
Community .One hundred and twenty years ago on a BahudhAnya 
year , he came to this earth during a Thai month , when 
the constellation of UtthirAdam was in ascendance . For
those suffering from the ill effects of Kali Yugam ,
he became the answer to their prayers for ujjeevanam and 
reminded us of the Tamil proverb , " Thai piRanthAl
Vazhi Pirakkum". The anugrahms that he blessed us with
are countless and lasting .

The Jn~Anam, Seelam ,Vinayam, OudhAryam , Maardhavam, 
SadAchAram , KaaruNyam , Bhagavadh Bhakthi, BhAgavatha-
Bhakthi , AchArya Bhakthi , Sri MalOla AarAdhana Vaimukhyam,
and the exemplary Devotion to ArchA mUrthys of Divya desams of 
this great AchAryan are legendary and can not be described 
even if one strives to do full justice .I had the greatest
soubhAgyam of bearing on my head the Paadhukais of
this Soumya-Saantha MUrthy on a Ekadasi day at his 
Brindhaavanam . This was after participating in 
the Thirumanjana Uthsavam for Sri Kanakavalli SamEtha 
Sri VeerarAghava Parabrahmam  on that Sukra Vaara
EkAdasi day . There at ThiruvellUr , on the banks
of the Hridh Paapa Naasini theertham , the ArchA mUrthy of 
this AchArya gives us his adhbhutha Sevai in the company of 
his pUrvAchAryAs , H.H.the 32nd , 33rd , 34th and
the 35th Jeeyars of the AhObila Matam AasthAnam .
Together , they drive away the Kali Kalmasham
with their divya dhrushtis. 

The AchArya I am referring to is none other than
SriVaNN SatakOpa Sri Sriranga SatakOpa YathIndhra
MahA Desikan , the 42nd Jeeyar of Ahobila Matam . 

As Sri Anand referred to in his earlier posting , 
a ten day long festival is starting today 
and will proceed at ThiruveLLUr in the presence of
H.H. the current Jeeyar , Sri NaaraayaNa 
Yathindra MahA Desikan . the actual birthday 
of  H.H ,The 42nd Jeeyar is on Thai AmAvasyai
day , Janauary 17th in the UttarAyaNa Punya Kaalam .
The greatness of Thai AmaavAsyai at ThiruveLLUr and 
the sacredness of bath in the Hrudh Paapa Naasini 
pushkaraNI on this Thai AmAvasyai day during 
the Vaarshika uthsavam of the divya  dampathis of 
ThiruveLLUr has been well documented in other
postings on ThiruveLLUr . 
This birth day celebration is a special one ,
since it is the second Shashtiyabdha pUrthy 
of his avathAram . He was born under the 21st 
Constellation , UthtirADam , which is followed 
by SraVaNam . Sri AlavanDAr , the 13th and the 14th 
Azhagiya Singhars share this UtthirADa Nakshathram
as their birth constellations . This constellation
is normally chosen for the subha Kaaryam of PattAbhishEkam
celebrations . That is the greatness of UtthirAdam
as a sObhana nakshathram and we will continue with 
the highlights of the life and works of this great
AchAryA , H.H. The 42 nd Jeeyar of Ahobila Mutt 
in subsequent postings later in the day .

I am sending a modest contribution to Sri P.Dileepan 
as my KaaNikkai/samarpaNam for inclusion in the special 
celebrations at ThiruveLLUr presided over by the IdhAnim Jeeyar
of Ahobila Matam and invite you all to participate in the same 
spirit with which you supported the Sahasra Kalasa 
AbhishEkam of Sri Kanakavalli SamEtha Sri VeerarAghavan
and His SamprOkshaNam last year .

kUrmAdhIm divyalOkam tadhanu MaNimayam maNtapam tathra sEsham
tasmin dharmAdhipItam tadhupari kamalam chaamara grAhiNisccha
VishNum dEvI vibhUshAyudha gaNamuragam pAdhukhE VainadhEyam 
sEnEsam dhwArapAlAn Kumudha mukha gaNAth VISHNU BHAKTHAAN PRAPADHYE

AzhwArgaL, AchAryan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam
Oppilaippan Koil VaradAchAri SadagOpan