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thirup pAvai - part 36 - "kAr and kathir" - kAriyam and kAraNam

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Wed Jan 13 1999 - 04:36:32 PST

Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam

Dear bAgawathAs,

      The rays of the Sun are many times addressed as thousands
of  hands  of  a  mother that hugs us everyday. No creature can 
survive in far  way planets such as neptune or pluto as per the 
findings from  modern astronomical  science. Similarly  the Sun 
light is so important for "thAvara inam" or plants that at  one 
time hosts  this  jivAtmA  prior  to  getting  conceived by the 
Father and  Mother.  Without  Sunlight  these  vegetables  will 
perish. Without Sunlight many living being will cease to exist. 
Sunrays help many species thrive. Sunrays offers a helping hand
for  the  survival  of many species. Due to this reason the Sun
rays or "kathir" is also  addressed  as  a  "thuNaik  karam" or 
companion hand. 

	Earlier it was discussed about the clouds as the "thiru 
mEni" which is  known  as  someone  who  always  gives  without 
expecting anything in return.  There  is  someone who cause the 
clouds to raise. ie. water particles evaporates and raise above 
to form a condensed cloud. This action is  facilitated  by  the 
"kathir" or sooryan. It is very proper to deal the kAriayam and 
"kAraNam".  The "kAriyam" or the act here  is  the  clouds  and 
their act of rain while "kAranam" or reason is the "kathir"  or 
sooryan. The "sooryan" or "kathir" as a "kAranam"  is  compared 
to the hearts of  pure  minded  persons the very  sight of whom 
all the obstacles (annyAnam) are cleared (kAriyam) and the sins 
(karmAs) are cleansed.  Sri   ANDAL addresses  the  parOpakAram 
done by thiru muga mandaLa  darsanam in  clearing  of  annyAnam 

	The Sun  rays  are  not  mere white in color. They have 
a band  of  seven  colors. Sun emits several  rays  in  several 
colors many of which are not conceivable  by  the  naked eye of 
human beings. Howvever all the basic colors are all  compounded 
into one color and the same is  shown  to us   as  bright white 
color.  Sameway  Lord's  thiru  muga  mandaLam  by itself hosts  
several of his gunAthisayam or kalyAna gunAs. For a surrendered  
soul  HE provides the compounded and soothing white  rays  that 
is similar  to a cool day light.
	Similarly the "neruppu" or fire of the Sun is thousands 
of celucius in temperature and the human race cannot stand this 
heat. However it is Lord's parOpakAram that such fire  is  kept 
far  away  and  that only the required heat is priovided to the 
earth. Not too much not too litlle. Just enough  is   provided. 
But this "just enough" is a quantity or metric which is a  mere 
"sArAl" or  a  drop of   the   energy  of  Sun.  It  is  Lord's 
"parOpakAram" that  HE offers the darsanam of HIS face or thiru 
muga mandaLam that is similar to the bright and white light  of 
the sun  and  not HIS face that was shown to Sri Arjunan in the 
battle field during Srimad  bagawath geetha upadEsam.  Lord has 
to  provide  Sri ArjunA with HIS  special eyes  such  that  Sri 
ArjunA can see this sight of several other  faces  of  the Lord 
in the universe doing  several  other functions  simultaneously 
that almost terrified  Sri Arjunan. Thus for a surrendered soul 
it is said by this "kathir mugam" that the face or the darsanam 
offered is similar to a sun that shows only the white   colored
rays that is soothing.
Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam 
Sampath Rengarajan        

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